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|cname = Coleco Adam

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Coleco Adam
Character information
Common name Coleco Adam
Also known as Adam-chan
First appearance Jul 2007
Height 142 cm (4'8")
Hair color orange
Eye color dark red
Faction Binteeji Renmei
Lineage independent
Technical information
System personified Coleco Adam hardware and OS
Developer(s) Coleco
Debut 1983
Latest release discontinued in 1985

Technical details

The Coleco Adam is one of the most infamous home computers. It had the advantages of being sold along with accessories (while most other home computers did not), has a very good printer and keyboard and is compatible with the Colecovision (Coleco's videogame system) which gave the Adam a very large software library but these are offset by the assortment of problems that made the Adam infamous: Electrical discharges generated at startup that would erase nearby tapes and tapes in the machine, difficult manuals and high rate of defective tapes.

Character details

Coleco Adam-tan appears as an orange-haired girl with dark red eyes. She is dressed in a frilly beige shirt with green frills, beige knee-length pants, dress shoes and white tights; her outfit is modeled after mens' fashions of the late 18th century.

Her hair is almost always frizzled because she involuntarily generates electrical discharges. Because of that, the tape-using Vintage-tans are afraid of her and tend keep their distance. The electrical discharges are a problem for her too, as it attracts metal objects, which she's afraid to go near out of the fear of accidentally getting impaled.

The green frills on her outfit are a reference to the Cabbage Patch logo and she even carries a Cabbage Patch doll with her as the Cabbage Patch Kids franchise is originally from Coleco. Another item she always carries with her is her printer which is also her life force as the printer is also the power supply to the Adam and if it doesn't work, the whole system does not work.

She is timid and difficult to understand, often times mumbling. Having to look after her printer at all times, she is reluctant to trust others, but tries her best to be courteous. She is friends with Barbie Linux-tan and Commodore Plus/4-tan and rivals with Apple II-tan.

History and background

Her rivals back in the 1980's were Commodore 64-tan, IBM PC jr-tan and the Apple-tans (the latter of which she had a serious rivalry against because the Adam was allegedly named for the biblical reference of Adam biting into the apple). Her rivalry was the strongest with Apple II-tan and the two are still rivals to this day but they both have a lot of respect for each other.

Against her competitors, she had the advantage of being highly resourceful but had a hard time and did not sell well due to her personal quirks and eccentric disposition. She felt a lot of guilt for causing tremendous losses to her company and ultimately causing its demise which happened in 1988, just 5 years after the Adam's introduction.

It was that same year in which her life completely changed, for better and worse. While she still has to live with causing her company's bankruptcy on her conscience, she also gained a cult following (referencing the Adamcon, an annual meeting of Coleco Adam users. The first meeting was in 1988) that has motivated her to keep on going.

During her years as a wanderer, she got by just fine working as a secretary and has retired to join the Binteeji Renmei in recent years.

She has suffered less hardship than most of the Vintage-tans and for that she is very grateful and willing to help the others less fortunate but is limited by her paranoia.