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Character information
Common name PentiumMMX
Also known as MMX, Pent
Human name(s) Penti-chan
First appearance December 5, 2008
Height 185cm (6'1)
Hair color Brown (Disregard what the above pic suggests ^_^; )
Eye color Blue \ grey
Weapon(s) Wooden sword
Faction Wanderer Class
Lineage x86 DOS
Rival(s) Windows 8
Technical information
System personified TravelPro 2020 ("PentiumMMX the Laptop")
Developer(s) AMS Tech, Inc.
Debut April 14, 1991
Latest release Yesterday

PentiumMMX has been part of the OSC since December '08...although technical issues with her internet connection caused her to go absent from roughly May '09 until March '11, but that's beside the point. She's known by many on the site's forums for her lust for adventure, her love of wearing cute outfits, and for being, quote, "that cute maid that tinkers with old computers".

Although she does appreciate all OSes and hardware, she does have an undying love of Windows 2000 (Which she considers to be one of the best versions of Windows ever made); to the point her gaming desktops have been named in honor of 2k-tan...even if the most recent version runs Windows 10 natively, with 2000 in an emulator; much to the confusion of everyone else.

She has also written a series of stories centered around the adventures of a fictional version of herself with 2k-tan, as well as her (fictional) twin sister. Some other OS-tans have popped up in the more recent installments, although 2k is the mainstay.