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Tiny OS-tan
Character information
Common name Tiny OS-tan
Also known as Tiny-chan
First appearance Jul 2010
Height 120 cm (3'11")
Hair color dark blue
Eye color blue
Weapon(s) assorted cybernetic weapons
Faction CIOST
Lineage independent
Rival(s) Tinfoil Hat Linux, many other Linuces.
Technical information
System personified Tiny OS
Developer(s) Tiny OS Alliance
Debut 2000
Latest release v.2.1.1 (Apr 2010)

Character Details

Tiny OS-tan is represented as a tiny girl with short dark blue hair in pigtails and wears sunglasses. Her outfit is a cyberpunk-inspired black spysuit with a sleeveless white overcoat and a helmet decorated with blue squares resembling the Tiny OS logo. In her normal form, she is 120 cm (3'11"), but can shrink down to much smaller sizes for stealth purposes.

She is a hi-tech super-spy, and has been employed by other OS-tans as security, or to hunt down criminals. However, she does not like to travel, only doing so for her missions. Just because she will help others doesn't mean she will make it a pleasant experience, and will demand that you follow her rules which are in a strict order (not a preemptive multitasking OS, multitasking is done in a strict order). She is disgruntled, aggressive, has an explosive temper, and is even the most aggressive CIOST member!

Despite her unpleasant demeanor, she has a strong sense of justice and will see to it that it never gets compromised. Somehow, she considers Contiki-tan something of a friend, though she won't admit it.