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Character information
Common name Dreamlinux-tan
First appearance spring 2007
Height ??? cm
Hair color brown
Eye color blue
Weapon(s) spear
Faction Linux Unix Consortium
Lineage Linux, Debian branch
Technical information
System personified Dreamlinux
Developer(s) ?
Debut 10 Feb 2006
Latest release v.3.5 (1 Mar 2009)

Character details


Dreamlinux-tan resembles Mac-tan/OSX-tan, who she sees as her idol. She has long brown hair and wears a bodysuit similar to OSX's, but in black and white. Sometimes she is also depicted with a small Tux penguin plushie on her head.

A recent redesign depicts her with tan skin, blue eyes, ribbons and earrings; her eye color and accessories are in Dream Linux's main color scheme.

She is hard to get to know at first, and can be harsh, but is friendly once you get to know her, referencing Dreamlinux still being user-friendly once, or if a user can get past the difficult installation process. Since Dreamlinux isn't meant to be a newbie distro though, she strongly prefers to be around people knowledgeable about Linux. That she expects people, and other Linux-tans to use the command line when possible comes as a surprise to others when they first meet her. She is an artist and a programmer, valuing aesthetics and functionality equally.

Family and relationships

Many Linux-tans and Unix-tans are ambivalent towards her, they tend not to like her fangirlish habits and find her group of friends to be questionable, yet admire her ambitiousness and resourcefulness. Her closest friends are Linux XP-tan, Linspire-tan and Freespire-tan. She also likes the more advanced Linuces, and has ideals more like theirs than her closest friends'. However, that's not a point of debate between her and her friends who can overlook that, it's the topic of fangirlism. It is especially a point of debate between her and Linux XP-tan who like to brag about whose idol is better. They are quick to reconcile after their arguments.