Any OS-tan comic ideas you want me to draw?

Started by Aurora Borealis, September 24, 2012, 12:45:30 AM

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Aurora Borealis

OS-tangent 2 and 3, starring some DEC-tans, with some bonus vintage cameos!

OS-tangent 2:

This strip was based off of the silly question of which OS-tan would be the most likely to make chocolate pudding at 4 AM because she lost control of her life? A reunion of some of the DEC Family (OS/8, VMS, and TOPS-10) who were visiting VAXELN-tan. For the last panel, imagine that they're watching old B-movie that was airing early in the morning!

OS-tangent 3:

RSTS-tan goes to visit the Vintage Federation! Lots of cameo appearances for vintage OS-tans! In panel 2 from left to right: Rainbow 100, Multics, Amiga, PDP-1, TOPS-10, Altair 8800, GS/OS. Like RSTS-tan, Rainbow 100-tan is a wanderer who came over to visit. These strips are based off of RSTS being described as a slow to mature OS, so I headcanoned her as struggling with some basic tasks and being afraid of the dark for many years, and PDP-1-tan being proud of RSTS-tan and her skills, but also being the Amazingly Embarrasing Family Matriarch!

The next OS-tangent will be about the Commodore Family, and will be 6 pages long. This was a difficult one, but these pages are mostly finished, and I'll post them 1 or 2 pages at a time.


I've mentioned it before but it's great to see so many of the DEC-tans together! OS/8-tan's crazed pudding-making in the first page made me laugh, as did PDP-1-tan's obvious joy at making her younger relative squirm.

Nice to see the cameos by GS/OS and Multics too - I almost missed them at first!


So basically, my most upvoted Reddit post is an OS-tan-related post and one of the comments looks worthy of a comic. It is me dating XP-tan.

However, please replace my Reddit username with my first name (Jay).
Also, use my Mii as a reference for my appearance in that comic. The link below is a photo of my Mii.


That's wishful thinking my dude, but I think you'll need to make a commission for that one.



Ask politely and make a monetary offer, that would be a start.


I'm only 15, I am not old enough for credit cards and all that stuffz.