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Started by Aurora Borealis, February 20, 2010, 02:17:23 AM

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Aurora Borealis

That sounds good. It's never been mentioned whether the XP-tans knew that Odyssey-tan and Neptune-tan were abandoned because of them, but I like the idea that Vistan found out about Longhorn-tan, felt guilty over being her replacement, and sympathetic towards her abandonment.

Now that XP is long obsolete, is it possible that Odyssey-tan and Neptune-tan could've let go of their resentment? It could go either way. They're still wanderers having to fend for themselves, but found some other friends, but either of them could still feel bitterness towards not being part of the Windows Family since their exile. Of the two of them, I've never seen Odyssey-tan being portrayed as a fighter, and she doesn't seem like much of one to me. It may be more difficult for her to survive as a wanderer. Neptune-tan is portrayed a lot more as being ready to fight, and often wielding a large weapon that I could see that she could've fought many bootleg OS-tans and malware-tans, and became a great survivalist in spite of the disadvantages she has.
The wanderers who are proprietary discontinued OSes are the most vulnerable to danger, or of fading away into obscurity, which is usually why the Vintage Federation seeks to recruit them. The ones that declined did so at their own risk.

Aurora Borealis

I looked through some more bios and updated them.

Macintosh System 1-tan:
Quote from: undefined-Is energetic, bold, charismatic, and straightforward, but has a one-track mind. Scatterbrained and speaks primarily in Newspeak because it's easier for her. (Cannot multitask and has a lot of limitations due to the original Mac's 128K of RAM, but a lot could still be done)
-Is stronger than she looks, and wields a hammer as her weapon of choice.
-Established the tradition of desktop publishing among the Mac-tans.
-Is mostly retired, but wants to help out in any way she can, and to continue to be a role model.
-Still regards herself as a vigilante fighting against tyranny, even though her glory days are long behind her.
-Had a rough upbringing before her public debut in 1984; Lisa treated her like a servant, Apple III was aloof towards her, and Apple II was often away from home.
-Was happy to become independent and speak out against Lisa, but now feels sorry for her.
-Used to be highly aggressive, and saw GEM-tan as a threat. Her aggression was from worrying over the future of the Mac House when its future was uncertain as early as 1985.
-Has reconciled with GEM recently and the two became friends, but still has long-standing rivalries with PCDOS and Sinclair QL. Is also friends with QDOS, Apple II, and PDP-1.

Part of her characterization has been retconned after finding something that fits better. It used to be that she was treated as a little sister figure by most of her family, but this doesn't fit well. It may have implied that she was frequently dismissed by them since she still wanted to be a role model, and to continue to help her faction in whatever way she can.
I got back into the OS-tan fandom only earlier this year, and am still going over some bios to see which ones need to be updated. The discussions about the Mac-tans' diplomacy woes in the late 80's and early 90's led me to reimagine that she could've remained a leader, and had an influence. She still often has a one-track mind, and can be scatterbrained, but she always had a strong sense of leadership and justice. The aggression she used to have was due to the uncertainty over Apple's future as other competitors became more powerful.

System 2-tan:

Quote from: undefined-Looks much like System 1-tan, but has two side ponytails on her right side, wears a sash, and a sleeveless dress.
-Is observant, witty, and intelligent, but desperate for attention and feels forgotten a lot.
-Can quickly retrieve information to help others (referencing the Launcher giving quick access to other applications), and can manipulate illusions (Uses a flat file system that gives the illusion of folders)
-Sometimes has an inferiority complex because she is not good at fighting, and feels overshadowed, but is happy that she can use her abilities to help her sisters in a support role.
-Likes to give long lectures, read classic literature and discuss philosophy.
-Carries around a duck puppet to assist in her lectures to make them more entertaining, with varying amounts of success.
-Despite being highly intelligent, she is misunderstood, with few believing what she says.
-Cares for her family, and they care for her, but gets frustrated when she cannot be taken seriously.
-Gets along best with Apple II, System 1, System 4, OSX Panther, and OSX Leopard.

System 2's characterization was changed a bit. She's less vengeful, but feels forgotten a lot because System 2 is relatively obscure and had small changes, being overshadowed by System 1 being the first, and System 3 introducing a lot of changes. It was clarified that her family mean well and they care about her, even if she isn't always taken seriously, because of her relative obscurity.

System 3-tan:

Quote from: undefined- Loves to wear old-fashioned clothing dyed with unnaturally-vibrant colors.
- Gets along with all her sisters, but shares the best chemistry with System 3.4, System 4, Mac OS8, OS9, and OSX Tiger.
- Is very cheerful, friendly and outgoing, and has great social skills.
- Is the least stable Mac-tan, has a huge fear of bugs and is klutzy.
- More efficient and better-organized than her predecessors, but still cannot multitask.
- A competent fighter with improvised weapons and psychic abilities, but only able to show her skills when provoked enough, which doesn't happen easily.
- Loves shopping and tinkering with old gadgets, though back in her youth, she introduced new technologies to the Apple Family.
-Remained influential as an adviser to her younger sisters for years, and was System 3.4's mentor.
- Gets along very well with OS9-kun, but sometimes over-protective of him. Because of this, she has a rivalry with Windows ME, though they sometimes can get along and empathize with each other.

System 3-tan remains almost the same, but acquired psychic abilities, mainly telepathy, which she uses to share information with others. AppleShare 1.0 is System 3.3, the first Mac OS version specialized for file sharing and networking.

System 6-tan:
Quote from: undefined-Was sickly and unstable at birth. Was almost ineligible to lead the Mac House due to her instability, and had to prove her worth after her stability improved.
-Was soon deathly ill, but her life was saved in late 1988 when she was remade into a nearly immortal cyborg using technology from the future.
-Is System 3.4's twin sister (same Finder version, released around the same time), but they never fought over which of them would lead the Mac House during their debuts.
-Scatterbrained, yet is fast, extremely strong, determined and remarkably stable. (Went from being the least stable Mac OS as System 6.0 to one of the most stable from 6.0.2 onwards)
-Close friends with her stepsister A/UX, who helped her the most with self-improvement in her youth. The two even have a friendly rivalry together.
-Was one of the first Mac-tans to befriend NeXTSTEP, is also one of the few to not be scared by OSX Cheetah's antics.
-To this day she fights against Mac malware-tans, including her sworn enemy ANTI since 1989 because of a vow she made to defend the Mac House against all threats.
-This also meant she was hostile towards the Windows-tans, believing all of them to be threats, even Windows 1.0 and 2.0 during the OS Wars. However, she has been able to get along with some of the friendlier and diplomatic Windows-tans after proving they were not threats.
-Is kind and loyal, though this often gets overshadowed by a boisterous and highly competitive side that can get aggressive.
-A writer and programmer, still an avid user of Hypercard technology. (considered one of the best Mac OSes for creative writing, and Hypercard was popularized in the System 6-era)
-Teams up with OSX, Cheetah and Mac OS8 to stop the OSX-kuns' antics.
-Has medium-length grey-blue hair, wears a blue and black minidress with matching boots, gloves, a leather jacket and sunglasses.

A few small changes, but I wanted to clarify that she didn't attack Windows 2.0-tan during the OS Wars, because that would've been too one-sided and unfair. She was already exiled and struggling to survive. It was mentioned at some point that 2.0-tan knew that the Mac-tans and their supporters likely blamed her for the OS Wars, and while as a wanderer, would've been willing to let others attack her if they didn't attack 1.0. Nothing would've been gained from attacking them, but 2.0 could've been told that she was to blame for the OS Wars and all of the destruction that the Windows Family caused from it. That's still a terrible thing to say to her that made 2.0-tan feel even guiltier, and something to regret.

System 7-tan:
Quote from: undefined- Used to be confident and powerful in her youth after she was promoted, but her ambitions were misapplied and nearly caused her downfall.
- Used to be a mobster and hitwoman, but this ended with a failed attempt to knock-out Windows 95-tan as a competitor.
- Suffered as a shell of her former self with low self-confidence as a result of the OS Wars, and from failed alliances that promised to make her more powerful.
- Was the mentor to 7.5-tan, and considered 7.5-tan her second-in-command.
- Largely stoic and nonchalant, for a long time she yearned for revenge against her arch-rival, but feels she doesn't need to anymore.
- At some point after, she reconsidered her life and developed a calm composure and continued her sword skills as a form of self-discipline.
-Wields a katana, wields it more artfully and responsibly than she used to.
-Prefers not to attend the Windows-Mac Family meetings, does not want to risk instigating hostility. Remained hostile towards the Windows-tans for years, but may be willing to reconcile with the more diplomatic Windows-tans.
-The calm big sister figure to many of the Mac-tans.
-Wears a blue pinstriped suit, an Apple rainbow-colored tie, and glasses.
-Recovered from low self-confidence when she helped bring the Mac family back together after OSX Leopard's antics nearly drove away the Classics.
-Gets along best with System 4-tan, 7.5-tan, GS/OS-tan, Puma-tan and A/UX-tan.

It was said that she felt threatened by Copland's existence, but that was removed for inaccuracy, and a misunderstanding over Copland's role. At the time Copland was being developed, System 7 was intended to be the last Classic Mac OS version. This is a fate that all of the Mac-tans knew and accepted, because they knew they needed a successor to continue their ideals and faction.

I also thought again about whether System 6-tan would've had a bitter rivalry with System 7-tan at first. As I mentioned in when commenting on the older bio:

Quote from: undefinednotes: Related to one of the things mentioned is that when System 7 debuted, System 6 wasn't discontinued, and many users getting new Macs were reluctant to upgrade to 7 because of compatibility issues with some apps. A version of System 6.0.8 was made for those who wanted the new Macs of 1991 but didn't want to switch to 7. Update: I found that 6.0.8 had some forward compatibility with System 7, it may not be so cut and dry that System 6-tan and System 7-tan had to be rivals.

Their rivalry could've been short-lived, and there could've been efforts to get along and work together despite that rivalry. System 7-tan's main rivalry would've been with Pink/Taligent-tan instead, referencing the rivalries between the Blue (System 7) and Pink (Taligent) development teams at Apple, and how Taligent was meant to be a lot more ambitious, but had a troubled development that led to System 7 being promoted more.

Another revision is that her involvement in bringing the Mac House back together after the incident that Leopard-tan caused didn't make her overcome depression, because depression can't be overcome through a single event. It's more accurate to say that she recovered from low self-esteem, which stemmed from the defeat she suffered in the OS Wars, and some other things that went wrong (i.e: the Star Trek Project and the AIM Alliance failing when they promised she'd become a lot more powerful from them). A lot of things over time, or at once going wrong destroyed her self-confidence that she became withdrawn, but being able to save the Mac House from being divided, restored her confidence.

OSX Snow Leopard-tan:

Quote from: undefined-More serene and mature-acting than her predecessor, Leopard-tan.
-Cared more about researching rather than leading the Mac House. Within the rank of the Mac OSX-tans, she was content with Tiger remaining their leader.
-Has largely relinquished her time machine, but is known to do a bit of traveling on occasion.
-Knows just as much (or more) now about the backgrounds of various OS-tans, but seems at peace with this information and chooses to keep what's past in the past.
-Dresses in light, feminine-looking clothing with a touch of the futuristic.
-Has white snow leopard ears and a tail and long, wavy hair.
-Affable toward the Windows-tans, and considers herself a part of the Unix Family.
-Gets along well with OSX Lion/Mountain Lion-tan due to their shared interest in the Unix Family.

Updated bio, modified by the one Bella made, with a few tweaks to show that she didn't care about being a leader, and that she got along well with Lion/Mountain Lion-tan.

Altair 8800-tan:

Quote from: undefined-Credited for starting the personal computer revolution, and served as an inspiration to many other microcomputer-tans, and set some of the first standards for them.
-Overconfident in her youth, but still prone to exaggerating things. (had hugely exaggerated hype from its developers)
-Intelligent but was self-destructive, withdrawn and melancholy. Her attitude has improved a lot since joining the Vintage Federation where she met some of the microcomputer-tans inspired by her.
-Likes to build calculators and model rockets.
-Had a bitter rivalry with IMSAI 8080-tan, whom she accused of being an intellectual property thief, and resented losing against her in terms of popularity.
-Was friends with Apple I and Xenix. Became friends with MenuetOS-tan during her years as a wanderer.
-Was the benefactress and invited to be an honorary member of the fledgeling Microsoft-IBM family by Xenix-tan, but had to leave in 1981 since she was associated with the PC's rival architecture, the S-100.
-Spent over 20 years as a wanderer in obscurity, but attempted to apply for the CIOST with MenuetOS-tan's help.
-Joined the Vintage Federation in 2008, and reconciled with IMSAI 8080-tan.
-Wears a long blue and silver gown with a white bow and red pearls around the collar.

This update includes a few points from the Altair-tan story that has been posted here, and a possible reason that she had to leave the MS-IBM Family. The Altair established the S-100 architecture, which the IMSAI 8080 and other CP/M computers used. The IBM PC and its compatibles were a competitor.

IMSAI 8080-tan:

Quote from: undefined-Can be kind and helpful, but usually hides it with a stoic and snarky attitude.
-A more level-headed tactician than she used to be, skilled with modern technology and has connections to important information networks. (The original IMSAI 8080 is still supported by its parent company, and a modernized version was made)
-Was a highly ambitious military engineer in her prime, and claimed to have plans of mind control and world domination.
-Is a huge fan of WarGames.
-Had a bitter rivalry with Altair-tan in the 1970's, and was more successful.
-Lost out to user-friendlier competitors (i.e: PET, Apple II) and nearly met her demise due to faulty technology.
-DR-DOS's childhood friend and mentor, who she inspired to be ambitious and powerful, though with unintended consequences she regrets.
-Fared decently living as a wanderer due to continued company support, but kept honing her skills, and joined the CIOST in 2003.
-Helps the various CIOST members stay in contact with each other, and is motivated to help other underdogs.
-Friends with BeOS, MenuetOS and Apple III, DR-DOS, and has also reconciled with Altair in recent years.
-Has her hair decorated with a teal headband and alternating red and blue hair clips.
-Her outfit is modeled after the IMSAI 8080's color scheme, notably her long-sleeved shirt is modeled after the layout of the red and blue switches on the front.

With the IMSAI 8080's appearance in WarGames, I just had to add that IMSAI 8080-tan would be a huge fan of that movie! I also added that she fared decently living as a wanderer, because of continued company support, and the IMSAI 8080 retained a significant following well after being discontinued. She may have seen other wanderers who were far less fortunate than she was, which caused her to become a lot more humble, and she decided to use her fortune to help some in need.

These are changes I've made after some further research, or after writing about these characters, and getting a better idea about them after writing about them. I'm still working on some more bios.