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OS/360 was the main OS made by IBM for the System/360 mainframe series, and is one of the most successful IBM OSes. It is still currently used and maintained in some form.

Character information
Common name OS/360
Also known as Operating System/360, Big OS, OS/MFT
First appearance Jan 2010
Height 179 cm (5'10.5")
Hair color dark grey
Eye color grey
Weapon(s) Sword
Faction Mainframe Guild, part of the old IBM Society
Lineage IBM, System/360 branch
Rival(s) N/A
Technical information
System personified OS/360 and variants
Developer(s) IBM
Debut 1964
Latest release unknown, but is still updated in some form.

Technical Details

Character Details


OS/360-tan is tall, well-built, has large breasts referring to OS/360's high hardware requirements, and has long dark grey hair with grey eyes. Of her sisters, she dresses fancifully, though not as much as TSS/360. Her outfits mainly have a 1920's flair to them while also combining the fancier elements of Victorian fashion, and have grey and red trim modeled after details on the System/360 mainframes.

She is still fiercely patriotic from her leadership of the old IBM guild, and is prone to spouting company rhetoric. Is mildly schizophrenic, notoriously clumsy (prone to fragmentation), and not good at multitasking, but is still successful at her work, science and government work being her specialty. She is known to be very boisterous and hot-headed, yet is more easy-going than most of her sisters, and when she thinks clearly, she is very charismatic and leader-like.

While she can be friendly towards others, she is possessive and territorial, and hates the rival OS-tans that can run on the System/360 mainframes, such as MTS.

Family and relationships

Her sisters are BOS/360 (deceased), TOS/360 (deceased), TSS/360 (deceased), and VSE (formerly DOS/360; alive). Of them, she and VSE were the only well-adjusted ones, and had the best leadership qualities despite her bouts of insanity. Today, OS/360 and VSE work together in the Mainframe Guild and continue to be influential.

She was the only person that TOS/360 didn't hate, but was mostly indifferent towards such an 'honor'.

History and background

She was the leader of the IBM forces during the historical mainframe conflicts. When the Mainframe Guild was founded, she was one of the first to join, although begrudgingly, as she hated the idea of having to work with her competition, especially competition she touted hers and her faction's superiority over, but has learned to tolerate others.