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There are many computer and OS lineages, many of which are intertwined to some degree. So although these system families don't seem to be related, many of them share a common ancestor, either directly (code-derived) or indirectly through influences from a common system.

In most cases, the founder of a lineage is created from another one herself, but establishes herself and her descendants as a new separate lineage due to cultural and/or ideological differences.

First version of an OS-tan map, slightly outdated, some changed have been made, such as: AN/FSQ-7 and SAGE are the same character, CTSS-tan also represents the IBM 7094 hardware, PDP-1 is the ancestor of PDP 4,7,9 and 15; LINC is the ancestor of PDP 8, 6 and 11; Nova influenced the Apple I.
Second version, more focused on blood and conceptual ties.

List of lineages, to be better organized (somehow!) later:

  • CP/M
    • x86 DOS
  • DOS/Win9x
  • pre-Macintosh/Early Apple
  • Commodore
  • Sinclair
  • Atari
  • MIT
    • Whirlwind
  • DEC (note: is actually multiple, separate bloodlines)
    • LINC
    • PDP-8 branch
    • PDP-10 branch
    • PDP-11 branch
    • RSX branch (derived from RW-300)
  • CDC
  • Research Unix
    • Sys V
    • BSD
      • NeXTSTEP/Mac OSX
    • SYS V+BSD hybrid
  • Linux
    • Debian branch
      • Ubuntu branch
    • Red Hat branch
    • Slackware branch
    • Other branches
  • IBM
  • IAS
  • CDC