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Homeo often hangs out with his brother ME-kun. What they do together varies from image to image (examples here[], here[], and here[]), but they typically have fun together, perhaps due to their similarities in age.
Homeo is also commonly seen with his brother [[XP-kun | XP Pro-kun]], though in a different context than ME-kun, as it's less like the hardy boys and more like a typical older-younger brother arrangement, with Homeo typically playing the meek card in their interactions. XP Pro-kun, however, doesn't abuse this fact, and is usually very nice and semi-protective of Homeo.[] This might be because XP Pro-kun can relate to Homeo's struggles with Homeko; XP Pro-kun has his own issues with Saseko-tan.[]
With the rest of his family, Homeo typically has a nice (if misunderstood) relationship. 2k-tan, for example, looks out for him somewhat when things get a bit chaotic.[] However, the errands that are typical to Homeo worry her to the point of insanity[], and while she cannot confront either Homeo or Homeko about it, she does make a point to interfere (in the name of being a good sister, of course).[] Homeo usually can't or won't speak up when something is bothering him, meaning that he can be the victim of some of the rest of the family's pranks/deviancy.[] Overall, though, Homeo just tries to keep the peace while being helpful.[]

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