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Homeo often helps his sister Homeko out with her Doujinshi activities as well, from posing for[] and helping inspire[] her comics, to inking the art and manning the booth at cons.[] Though he is uncomfortable with some of the work, he does it to help his sister, though whether or not this is really good for him is subject to speculation.[]
As his sister is often busy making her comics, Homeo commonly does the shopping. Because of this, he often runs into the Nijiura Maids while he's out, with mixed results.[][]
Homeo often hangs out with his brother ME-kun. What they do together varies from image to image (examples here[], here[], and here[]), but they typically have fun together, perhaps due to their similarities in age.
With the rest of his family, Homeo typically has a nice (if misunderstood) relationship. 2k-tan, for example, looks out for him somewhat when things get a bit chaotic.[] However, the errands that are typical to Homeo worry her to the point of insanity[], and while she cannot confront either Homeo or Homeko about it, she does make a point to interfere (in the name of being a good sister, of course).[] Homeo usually can't or won't speak up when something is bothering him, meaning that he can be the victim of some of the rest of the family's pranks/deviancy.[] Overall, though, Homeo just tries to keep the peace while being helpful.[]
Homeo's other friends include the [[Nijiura and Futaba Characters]] Shitsuji-kun, Yukiko-san, and occasionally her sister Kiri-san. Shitsuji is one of his closest friends and confidantes, as the two are in similar situations in terms of love and shyness. Their proximity to age helps with the friendship also, and as a result they are commonly seen hanging out together. [[Imagehttp:homeo//ostan-collections.gif|left|Homenet/imeeji/displayimage.php?pos=-kun10820]]Also known as XP HomeHomeo has also made friends with Yukiko-kunsan, Homeo who is portrayed as a gender-confused boy who looks akin to his sister Homeko. He under the impression that he is typically shown wearing a key shaped hair-clip and an XP shaped necktiegirl. Homeo is a transvestite and often cosplays as female charactersrealizes that if he's found out, most commonly Kanaria from Rozen Maiden. He fancies 98-tan, and there have been numerous occasions when they have nearly gotten together. Homeo is one of the more complicated characters in Troubled Windowsconsequences will be dire, for but has yet to find a number way out of reasonsit. First off, he It doesn't help that Yukiko is one of the more sexually complicated characters. He desires to become so keen on having a woman, but only to have a relationship with his sister, Homekofriend her age. He often cosplays as female characters, which appear to excite [[Homeko]]http://ostan-collections. Many zany, and often ecchi situations ensuenet/imeeji/displayimage. [[98-tan and 98SE-tan|98php?pos=-tan2732]] (Hacchan) Yukiko's overprotective older sister Kiri, meanwhile, is either also loves Homeo, who returns her love oblivious to a degree. Hacchan often assumes a domination role over Homeo, with very unusual results. Their relationship 's true gender or is much purposely ignoring it to the chagrin of [[98-tan and 98SE-tan|98SE-tan]] spare her sister's feelings (Secchanor to protect her from something "shocking"), who also likes Homeo. SecchanKiri doesn's preoccupation t get along well with castrating him with a bottle openerHomeko, however, complicates this situation.  but seems to think Homeo is not truly gay in that he bears no liking of mendarling, but desires to be a womanjust like her sister.[http://ostan-collections. This unusual sexual trait leads to some situations, many involving the love square between Hacchan, Secchan, Homeo, and Homekonet/imeeji/displayimage. php?pos=-10280]
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