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Character information
Common name OpenBSD
Also known as N/A
First appearance 2008
Height 6'2
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Purple
Weapon(s) Side handle baton
Faction User Space Gang
Lineage BSD
Rival(s) N/A
Technical information
System personified OpenBSD
Developer(s) The OpenBSD Project
Debut 1 October 1996
Latest release 5.1, May 1, 2012

Technical Details

FreeBSD is a security-oriented BSD variant forked from NetBSD.

Character details


FreeBSD-tan is depicted as a tall woman with spiky blonde hair and purple eyes. Her style of clothing is vaguely punk - incorporating spiked leather bracelets and a choker, fishnet stockings, knee-high military-style boots, a white shirt and black miniskirt. She is a skilled fighter, her favorite weapon being a nightstick.

Family and relationships

OpenBSD-tan's mother is BSD-tan, and sisters are NetBSD-tan, FreeBSD-tan and DragonflyBSD-tan.

History and background