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Character information
Common name FreeBSD-tan
Also known as FreeB-chan
First appearance unknown
Height 172 cm (5'8")
Hair color Red (most common) or brown
Eye color green
Faction User Space Gang
Lineage BSD
Technical information
System personified FreeBSD
Developer(s) The FreeBSD Project
Debut Nov 1993
Latest release 7.2-RELEASE (May 4 2009)

Technical details

FreeBSD is a Unix-like OpenSource Operating System. The mascot ot This OS is the BSD Daemon. Daemon in software means a service, which runs in the background and activates itself upon a certain trigger (activity on a port, a certain time has passed, system load below a certain level), the mascot however is a cute, red devil. The unprecedented level of unity in the BSD community led to it having different names: it is either Chuck or Beastie (which is phonetic for 'BSD'). While the OS-tan is rarely seen, another phenomenon exists around this Operating System, which resembles the OS-tans too much to remain unmentioned: Devilette, a brunette woman garbed in a latex catsuit with horns and a tail, stylized after the BSD Daemon.

Character details

There are a few FreeBSD-tan designs, each of them influenced by Devilette. The most popular known FreeBSD-tan design was created at OS-tan Collections. This design has light red hair with long bangs, pigtails in the back and very long at the sides. She has green eyes, red devil horns and tail, a sleeveless red mini-dress, long black high-heeled boots and long black gloves.

FreeBSD-tan is the second eldest of the open sourced BSD-tans., but behaves as something of a de facto leader. She's fun-loving, energetic, witty and spontaneous, and loves going first at everything be it sports competitions, talking in public, singing, or making passes (she recognizes no risk in making a fool of herself). She gets her work done timely and efficiently (procrastination is unknown to her as well), but exudes a very unprofessional, laid-back, and almost childlike quality doing so that gives people the impression that she's unambitious and irresponsible.

However, she is far from stupid, and could be considered a closeted genius, smarter even than Plan 9-tan herself. That she opts to mask it so well has a lot to do with her notion of freedom, as being able to choose the life one wants rather than to live someone else's ideal of what life should be. In combat or tight situations, her strategies are simple but effective.

She is also a glutton and will eat nearly anything at all, including the User Space Gang pets and she usually gets into trouble trying to eat them.

History and background

FreeBSD-tan is very easygoing and gets along very well with her Open Source relatives of the User Space Gang, as well as any other Unix-tan who likes the User Space Gang ideals (such as A/UX-tan) but she speaks little of her family otherwise. While she still could be a contender for the UNIX throne, she appears almost disinterested in it. Nor is she as critical of the Linux-tans as her other sisters (OpenBSD-tan, in particular, is highly competitive with them), even though she doesn't hold back at all when she's forced to fight one. She's more than content to live free and let the rest of the world run its course.

She and her sisters who were around in the mid 1990's ( OpenBSD-tan and NetBSD-tan) used to be part of the Unix Family faction, though they were only there by association. FreeBSD-tan especially was sent tons of disciplinary notices over crimes and infringements she had no idea existed, and really didn't care to learn about. When drafted to fight in the Unix wars, she just left, managing to escape arrest using some clever tactical skills. She later met up with her sisters, and Plan 9-tan who had left since rejecting her status as Unix's heir to her throne, and they formed the User Space Gang.

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