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Comments on the character.
Common Name: Mugshot-tan
Alias(es): n/a
First Appearance: Sep 2006
Original Creator: Aurora Borealis
Site/page Personified:
Site/page Type: Social networking site
Devloper: Red Hat Inc.
Date Published: When was the website published?

A social networking website developed by Red Hat, Mugshot runs on free software and is partly open source. Mugshot is mainly focused on technology, entertainment and sharing and is integrated with, Digg, Flickr and YouTube.

Mugshot-tan appears as a young girl with light pink hair, dark purple eyes, a purple clown nose and wears a striped purple dress with hi-top shoes and a spiky hat. She has a headset connected to a hi-tech visor used to scan for nearby music- reference to the Music Radar feature on Mugshot which displays a song a user is currently listening to and allows for conversations about that song.

She is Red Hat-tan's and Fedora-tan's younger sister and is very friendly, social and technologically-inclined. She loves to talk about nearly anything, with her favorite subjects being music, movies and photography. She gets along with those open-minded enough to acknowledge her existence as she is still obscure compared to other social networking sites (i.e: MySpace, Facebook and Twitter). She especially likes musicians including Amiga-tan, Commodore 64-tan, 64 Studio-tan, Musix-tan, GS/OS-tan and Atari TOS-tan. But despite some shared interests with Fark-tan, the two do not get along- the news article of Mugshot's debut was greenlighted on Fark but got poor reception.

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