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Character information
Common name:
Also known as: Internet Explorer-tan, IE-tan
First appearance: <2008
Hair color: Blue
Eye color: Blue
OS-tan Annex Project Faction: Windows Family
Lineage: WinNT
Technical information
System Personified: Internet Explorer
Developer: Microsoft
Debut: August 16, 1995
Latest Release: 11.0.1

For Inori Aizawa, see Internet Explorer-tan

Technical Details

Internet Explorer is a web browser that was released on August 16th, 1995. Started as a project in 1994, IE took much of its source code from Spyglass Inc.'s Mosaic web browser, with Microsoft Internet Explorer (aka IE 1) being a reworked version of Mosaic. IE was bundled with Microsoft Plus! for Windows 95 and the OEM release of 95. IE 1.5 was released several months later for Windows NT. Microsoft providing it for free on their operating systems, however, resulted in a lawsuit from Spyglass (who they had licensed the code from), which was eventually settled in early 1997.

A short-haired IE-tan.

Over the years, Internet Explorer has gone through many versions, with the latest release being IE 11, released for Windows 8 in mid-October 2013. It supports many extensions, favourites, tabbed browsing (introduced in IE7), and a built in search bar. Despite all these enhancements, however, IE has been called insecure, unstable, and clunky. Even with newer versions and "upgrades", many Windows patrons still use third-party browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. IE continues to stand among the major web browsers as the preferred browser of some, making it another one among many.

IE-tan, this time with longer hair.

Character Details

IE-tan is typically depicted as a teenaged girl with blue hair (in varying lengths, sometimes in pigtails, depending on version) and a white outfit. She is nervous, but also very enthusiastic, cheerful, and eager to please. As a nod to the security vulnerabilities, IE-tan is prone to panty-flashing (though not on purpose), and can sometimes freeze or crash. It is likely that she is friends with the other browsers (though they may sigh and laugh at her antics a bit), Outlook-tan and various Windows-tans (though they may not always like her that much). In addition, a group of fans created an IE-tan for IE 11[1], which was subsequently picked up and given more life by Microsoft Singapore, the creator of the Silverlight girls.