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Character information
Common name EvilEntity
Also known as Evil E
Human name(s) Eve/Eva
First appearance 2007
Height unknown
Hair color dark blue
Eye color red
Weapon(s) dark magic
Faction Binteeji Renmei- retired from the Linux Unix Consortium
Lineage Linux, Slackware branch
Rival(s) The Windows-tans (one-sided rivalry), company-supported Linux-tans
Technical information
System personified EvilEntity Linux
Developer(s) unknown
Debut 25 Jan 2003
Latest release discontinued 2006

Technical details

EvilEntity is a Linux distribution focused on the home user, meant to replace Windows, and was advertised as such. In fact, when EvilEntity is installed, it gets rid of the user's Windows partition. It was discontinued in 2006 but is still available.

Character details

EvilEntity-tan is a vampire dressed in a suit and cape. Her eyes are bright red, she wears a lot of eyeliner, and often an expression of deviousness. Her hair is dark blue and very long, with long bangs framing her face, particularly her devious smiles. Her cape is dark blue, decorated with a gold chain and red brooch, based off the EvilEntity logo of a penguin in a vampire cape.

She is a power user skilled in dark magic attacks, but isn't good a defense or escaping. Her only form of escaping is turning into a penguin instead of a bat. An entertainer, as EvilEntity is a multimedia and web browsing OS for the home user. Bold and willing to speak her mind, she is not adverse to trash-talking her rivals, and considers herself an ubermensch; morally superior to the Windows and company-supported Linux-tans. Unsurprisingly, she doesn't get along with a lot of Linux-tans.

While she has no interest in the corporate world, she is very interested in the old-school hacker culture Linux-tan originated in; her interest in them makes her feel like she was born in the wrong decade, and laments never being their during their glory days. One of her less destructive ambitions is to meet those from the old-school hacker era, such as ITS-tan and Emacs-kun.

Family and relationships


She's not very trusting of her, fearing her going corporate because of her co-leadership with Unix in the Linux/Unix Consortium. She fears that since Unix went corporate and got corrupted it, that Linux inevitably will too; that is if she hasn't already 'succumbed to the dark side'.


She was excited to meet Multics at the Binteeji Renmei, and loves to listen to her stories about her experiences with the hacker culture.


Slackware-tan is her mother, whom she greatly respects for being one of the most influential, non-corporate Linux-tans. They don't talk with each other very much though.

Yggdrasil Linux

Yggdrasil-tan is her role model for strong-willed, hard-working personality, and all the genealogy work she did documenting the early Linux family and preserving their culture. She is the main reason EvilEntity-tan joined the Binteeji Renmei.

History and background

When she debuted in 2003, her ambitions were already set- to overthrow the hegemony of the Windows Family, and weaken the influence of the Linux/Unix Consortium so non-corporate Linux-tans (among other Free Open Source OS-tans) could gain more power.

For a short while, she joined the Linux/Unix Consortium, liking their ideas in theory. Her loyalty to them didn't last; she ended up clashing with the majority of its members, not liking their ideas in practice, and decried many of them as hypocrites. She left and turned against them. She has also plotted against the Windows Family several times, and has snuck into the Windows house to try to sabotage them. Often she would get caught, with 95-tan and NT-tan bringing out their swords to fight her while she barely escapes.

In 2006, she lost support from her developers, losing some of her power with them. Her final encounter with the Windows Family happened shortly after, but that time she didn't have enough power to escape the only way she could. She got banished by 95 and NT in battle.

She wandered helplessly for a while, lamenting her failed ambitions and reluctant to retire. Once she found out that Yggdrasil Linux-tan, who she considers a role model is in the Binteeji Renmei though, she eagerly joined.

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