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This is the OS-tan character for Windows ME, for her OS-kun counterpart, see ME-kun.

Windows ME-tan
Character information
Common name Windows ME-tan
First appearance 2003 (first OS-tan created)
Height *none listed officially
Hair color green
Eye color green (most common) or blue
Faction Windows Family
Lineage DOS/Win9x
Technical information
System personified Windows ME
Developer(s) Microsoft
Debut 14 Sep 2000
Latest release v.4.90.300 (Sep 2000)

Technical details

Windows ME (Short for "Millennium Edition") was released as the home edition of Windows 2000 Professional; since Neptune, the planned home edition of 2000, was scrapped and absorbed into what became Windows XP. To tide over customers due to Neptune's cancellation, the DOS-based 9x line was continued for one more release with ME, but it ended up earning a bad reputation; due to it being less stable than it's predecessor, along with the the removal of real-mode MS-DOS access (Which made playing older DOS games more difficult).

Character details

General description

Me-tan is the more cutesy personification of the much maligned and infamously unreliable Windows Me Operating System and was the first OS-tan created. She is usually known as Me-tan, but is often called Emui-san. She was created by the one now called ME-aki.

ME-tan's appearance rarely varies and is instantly recognizable. She has green hair in long braided pigtails and wears a maid outfit with an exclamation mark badge on the front modeled after the Windows error icon. She frequently carries a scallion as a weapon (sometimes a crowbar instead) to defend herself from malware attacks, this being a pun on a Japanese anti-virus software called NeGIs (Negi is Japanese for Scallion).

She is a hard worker and always wants to help her master (Toshiaki), and within the family, but predictably fails at everything she tries to do, often literally crashing and irritating her sisters. When she is not frozen or out of control, she tends to do things showing a lack of common sense or knowledge. But even after failure after failure, she still remains cheerful, friendly and optimistic.

In spite of, or perhaps due to, her pitiful plight, the clumsy ME-tan is one of the most beloved OS girls.

Her male counterpart, ME-kun is more reliable and sensible than his sister, being enrolled in some form of school or college, and often called upon to read help manuals by his brothers and sisters. He is also occasionally known to crack a perverted joke or two with his brothers, especially 2k-kun and XP Pro-kun, mimicing the trio of ME-tan, 2k-tan, and XP-tan. ME-kun is also close with Homeo, but sometimes in a harassing context, not unlike 98-tan and SE-tan. ME-kun is quite protective of his sister ME-tan, possibly because he is more capable than she.

Family life and relationships

Aside from the frustration she causes to her family because of her unreliability, she generally gets along with them, being the closest to 2K-tan, XP Pro-tan, 95-tan and Inu-T. Being born around the same time as 2K-tan and the XP-tans, she tends to see her stepsister NT-tan (who is the mother of 2K, XP, etc.) as a mother figure as well.

She is generally civil towards the Mac-tans, and loves Mac OS9-kun, so she certainly doesn't want to get on their bad side.

Alternate character interpretations

She is always depicted as some degree of clumsy and air-headed, varying from a genius ditz who can do something decently (like gaming), or nearly incapable of anything and constantly freezing.

History and background

ME-tan is credited as "the first OS-tan". Sources indicate she was created on Futaba Channel on August 6th, 2003, with subsequent characters following suit.[1] ME was born out of a desire to personify the glitchy OS as "a cute yet troublesome girl".

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