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Windows Family



  • Name: MS-DOS-tan
  • aka: Microsoft DOS, Disk Operating System
  • Debut: circa 1981
  • Height: 125 cm (4'1")
  • Weight: ??kg
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair: Dark Grey
  • Quick Facts:
    • - Has shy, mousy and depressed disposition.
    • - Intelligent, but has trouble expressing herself clearly.
    • - Twin sister of PC-DOS-tan; younger sister of QDOS-tan; biological daughter of DR-DOS-tan.
    • - Keeps hair in pigtails.
    • - Dons a light-blue grade school uniform with "MS-DOS" armband and glasses.
    • - Carries around Microsoft keyboard everywhere she goes.
    • - Official engineer of the Windows Family, though diminishing demand has turned her more into an unofficial house servant.
    • - Generally found peeking around corners.
    • - Known forum lurker.
    • - Personality changes dramatically when reunited with PC-DOS-tan.

Windows 3.1


  • Name:Windows 3.11-tan
  • aka: Windows 3.0, 3.x, Baba
  • Debut: 5/22/1990
  • Height: 137 cm (4'6")
  • Weight: ??kg
  • Eye Color: Red
  • Hair: Grey
  • Quick Facts:
    • - Has quiet, serious and cheerless disposition.
    • - Always carries or is accompanied by DOSKitty
    • - Keeps hair long and loose, tied only by a violet bow on her head.
    • - Dons a violet frilly gown with a "3.1" brooch on her collar.
    • - Keeps her smiles a rarity.
    • - Is slightly aristocratic and prefers to be referred to as "3.11-sama".
    • - Is somewhat distant with the newer Windows, preferring the company of MS-DOS, NT and 95.
    • - Has only a patchy memory of her youth and seems unable to recollect her older sister (Win 2.0) or mother (Win 1.0).

Windows NT


  • Name: Windows NT-tan
  • aka: Windows New Technology, NT 3.1, OS/2 3.0
  • Debut: 7/27/1993
  • Height: 162 cm (~5'4")
  • Weight: ??kg
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair: Lilac
  • Quick Facts:
    • - Has sweet, quiet and maternal disposition.
    • - Keeps hair in a short ponytail tied with a blue ribbon.
    • - Dons a simple pink dress.
    • - Can multitask, but is usually quite error-prone and unreliable compared to her daughters: NT Workstation, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP, etc.
    • - Was first Windows Family liason to the higher-end, non-x86 architecture hardware-tans.
    • - Helped establish her company's foothold in the server market, capitalizing on clever marketing and the weaknesses of a war-torn Unix Family.
    • - Was trained together with 95, but adopted Western customs and weaponry.
    • - Also known to wield a broadsword.
    • - Is largely unaware that she's a clone of VMS-tan and a true biological sister to OS/2-tan.

Windows 95


  • Name: Windows 95-tan
  • aka: 95-tan, Chicago, 95nee-chan
  • Debut: 8/24/1995
  • Height: 157 cm (5'2")
  • Weight: ??kg
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair: Brown
  • Quick Facts:
    • - Has gentle and mild-mannered disposition when in a good mood, becoming aggressive and violent when not.
    • - Always carries a Katana with her and is still considered an excellent swordswoman.
    • - Keeps hair long, tied with a ribbon bearing the Windows colors.
    • - Dons a pink traditional kimono, hakama and geta, typical female college student apparel during the Japanese Meiji era.
    • - Acts much older than she actually is, never having bothered to keep up with the times.
    • - Still has enough clout and force to keep the newer generation of Windows in line.
    • - Was trained together with NT, but adopts Japanese customs and weaponry.
    • - Led vanguard in Microsoft's dominance of the PC market, and is still able to summon her old battle suit.
    • - Hates Macs with a vengeance, more so now that they are staging a strong recovery.
    • - Is generally snide and arrogant with other alternative OS-tans, but knows enough not to pick a fight with everyone (e.g, the Linux distros).
    • - Aside from Windows 3.11-tan, NT and DOS, she will not comment on earlier Windows versions.

Windows CE


  • Name: Windows CE-tan
  • aka: WinCE, "Wince", Windows "Consumer Electronics", Windows "Compact Edition", Windows Mobile, Pocket PC
  • Debut: 11/1/1996
  • Height: 29 cm (1'0")
  • Weight: ??kg
  • Eye Color: Red
  • Hair: Orange
  • Quick Facts:
    • - Has cheerful "magical girl" disposition, though becomes frightening and hysterical when angry.
    • - Is a fairy, complete with wings (that she uses to actually fly) and a USB cable.
    • - Keeps hair short, topped with two miniature pigtails tied with red ribbons.
    • - Dons a simple pink dress, black stretch shorts and boots.
    • - Is small and unassuming-enough to go largely unnoticed.
    • - Is also a tad bit too self-conscious, working under the impression that no one likes her despite her massive popularity in the handheld market.
    • - Considers the Sega Dreamcast to be the best console ever made.
    • - While usually civil with Palm Pilot-tan, she does have an ongoing blood feud with her prominant rival PalmOS-tan.
    • - Is also locked in petty disputes and the occasional serious skirmish with other portable OS-tans (such as Minix-tan), but prefers not to involve her larger relatives in these miniature conflicts.

Windows NT Workstation


  • Name: Windows NT Workstation-tan
  • aka: NT 4.0, Inu-T
  • Debut: 7/29/1996
  • Height: 138 cm (4'6")
  • Weight: ??kg
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair: Light blue
  • Quick Facts:
    • - Has cheerful, carefree, canine disposition.
    • - Has dog ears and a dog's tail, and also wears gloves and boots shaped like paws.
    • - Keeps hair in a short but wild ponytail, tied with a large yellow ribbon.
    • - Dons a simple blue dress, with a red dog's collar bearing the words NT.
    • - Is fast and reliable performance-wise, but her dog intellect limits her ability to handle more complex tasks (such as playing human games).
    • - Is considered a fine gourmand, second only to Windows XP-tan
    • - Is very friendly with every Windows girl, but surprisingly close to Windows 95-tan.
    • - Is not, however, universally-friendly with all OS-tans -- may either have a barking match with other canine OS-tans (particularly the Linux variety) or will chase after the feline OS-tans (such as the OSX girls).

Windows 98


  • Name: Windows 98-tan
  • aka: "Memphis", Hacchan
  • Debut: 6/25/1998
  • Height: 145 cm (4'9")
  • Weight: ??kg
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair: Navy Blue
  • Quick Facts:
    • - Has shy and demure disposition.
    • - Frequently travels with her blue-colored Mech-Box.
    • - Keeps hair short, with a "98"-shaped hair clip attached to her left bang.
    • - Dons a white and blue sleeveless school uniform, with gloves and a windows necktie.
    • - Is a futanari.
    • - Has a crush on Homeo.
    • - Prefers to stick with (and "joust") with her sister, 98SE-tan.

Windows 98SE


  • Name: Windows 98SE-tan
  • aka: 98 Second Edition, Secchan
  • Debut: 5/5/1999
  • Height: 144 cm (~4'8.5")
  • Weight: ??kg
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair: Grey-blue
  • Quick Facts:
    • - Shares shy and demure disposition as her sister 98-tan, but is often a little more brazen.
    • - As with her sister 98-tan, she often travels with her green-colored Mech-Box.
    • - Keeps hair short and topped only by a single pigtail on her left side.
    • - Dons a white and green sailor school uniform, with the letters "SE" printed in the front.
    • - Is not a futanari like her sister 98-tan, and in fact carries a bottle opener to brandish her disdain for such things.
    • - Prefers to stick with (and "joust") with her sister, 98SE-tan.
    • - Despite the small disparity in age, she's clearly the more innocent and naive of the two 98 sisters.

Windows 2000


  • Name: Windows 2000-tan
  • aka: 2000 Professional, 2k-tan, Win2K, NT 5.0
  • Debut: 2/18/2000
  • Height: 168 cm (5'6")
  • Weight: ??kg
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair: Blue
  • Quick Facts:
    • - Has intelligent, professional and reserved disposition.
    • - Is a world reknowned "Meganekko",
    • - Keeps hair short, with cat ear-shaped hairclips and a small white bonnet with the Windows logo.
    • - Dons a Windows logo-colored swimsuit underneath a blue long coat.
    • - Is considered the most stable and dependable of all the present Windows Girls, although constantly fears being outperformed by the newer generations.
    • - Is still the official family Domain Controller.
    • - Is considered Me-tan's guardian due, but is mainly responsible for keeping ALL Windows-tans out of trouble (Me requiring the most attention).
    • - Is perhaps the most aware of the "outside" world due to her position, but generally keeps this to herself so as not to disrupt the peace.
    • - Dislikes being outclassed, so prefers to avoid contact with higher-end OS-tans.

Windows ME


  • Name: Windows ME-tan
  • aka: Millennium Edition, Emmui-tan
  • Debut: 9/14/2000
  • Height: 153 cm (5'0")
  • Weight: ??kg
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Hair: Green
  • Quick Facts:
    • - Has cheery and cutesy disposition.
    • - Has long and unusually-strong cowlick.
    • - Keeps hair in long braided pigtails.
    • - Dons a maid outfit with an error icon badge.
    • - Freezes constantly and is generally considered least reliable Windows OS.
    • - Is a certified klutz.
    • - Is the second most prolific scallion user before Linspire-tan.
    • - Is much sought after by OS9-kun.
    • - Loves rollcake.

Windows XP Professional


  • Name: XP Professional-tan
  • aka: XP, XP Pro, Windows Experience, Whistler, Saseko, Pekepi
  • Debut: 10/25/2001
  • Height: 171 cm (5'7")
  • Weight: ??kg
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair: Black
  • Quick Facts:
    • - Has friendly, energetic and youthful disposition.
    • - Has exceedingly large breasts due to her bloated size and memory consumption.
    • - Keeps hair long, and wears a ribbon shaped as the "XP" logo over her left bang.
    • - Dons a somewhat-skimpy blue and white uniform with a passive resemblance to a sailor uniform; the disjointed sleaves add a rare kind of beauty but are otherwise pointless.
    • - Is considered the prettiest Windows-tan of all and has a massive following of fanboys (and some fangirls).
    • - But is also derided as an "Activation Whore" by those who know her more closely.
    • - Is the most energetic and best performing of all the Windows-tans, but feels challenged by Vista-tan in terms of performance and looks.
    • - Has voracious eating habits due to her system hogging, so much so that she's considered more "glutton" than "gourmand"
    • - Has recently been appointed to lead reconciliation efforts with the House of Mac, and is the first Windows-tan in the Windows Family history to work closely with a Mac-tan (OSX Tiger-san) without any (recorded) hostilities.

Windows XP Home


  • Name: Windows XP Home-tan
  • aka: XP Home, Homeko
  • Debut: 10/25/2001
  • Height: 169 cm (~5'6.5")
  • Weight: ??kg
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Hair: Green
  • Quick Facts:
    • - Is XP Pro-tan's twin sister.
    • - Has impulsive, antagonistic and lecherous disposition.
    • - Also has large breasts like her twin sister, but not nearly as unwieldly.
    • - Keeps hair tied up in a short ponytail, and wears "XP"-shaped hair clips over her left bang.
    • - Often dons a simple green sweatsuit, not fussing over her appearance as much as XP-tan.
    • - Is considered pretty, but not particularly approachable; fanboys must advance at their own risk.
    • - Is a famous hentai manga artist, and often likes to practice unique "approaches" on her own to improve her work.
    • - Is a tad bit of a glutton as well, but is usually too engrossed in her work to eat regularly.
    • - Has reliable-enough performance, but is too sloppy to compete with her sister; nevertheless, it's not beneath her to flaunt her skills with lesser Windows-tans.
    • - Doesn't seem to mind her borderline-incestual fascination with her younger brother Homeo.

Windows XP Media Edition


  • Name: Windows XP Media Edition-tan
  • aka: XP MCE, XP Media Center Edition, Symphony, Moseko
  • Debut: 10/12/2004
  • Height: 173 cm (5'8")
  • Weight: ??kg
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Hair: Green w/ blue tips
  • Quick Facts:
    • - Has gentle, cheerful and oblivious disposition.
    • - Has ridiciously-large and unwieldy breasts, since she possessed the highest hardware requirements to date.
    • - Keeps hair long, topped with a maid's bonnet and ME-tan style cowlick.
    • - Dons a revealing green and blue hybrid between a school uniform and a maid outfit.
    • - Also dons an error icon badge eerily similar to ME-tan's.
    • - Officially XP Pro and XP Home-tan's sister, but is far more sisterly with ME-tan and spends the most time with her.
    • - Not a clutz or a system wreck like ME-tan, but is fairly error-prone and buggy in her own right.
    • - Is very knowledgeable with home electronics, but second-rate when it comes to actual computing issues.

Windows Server 2003


  • Name: Windows Server 2003-tan
  • aka: Windows .NET Server, "Whistler Server", "Saba"
  • Debut: 4/24/2003
  • Height: 140 cm (4'7")
  • Weight: ??kg
  • Eye Color: Blue-green
  • Hair: Plum
  • Quick Facts:
    • - Has friendly, devoted and adventerous disposition.
    • - Is half-human, half mackerel, and can be easily-recognized by the large fishtail behind her.
    • - Keeps hair long, topped with an ethernet hub in place of a bonnet.
    • - Dons a grey vest-style top, a short white skirt, ethernet cables for a belt, and water-tight grey leggings and boots.
    • - Has red bows with the Windows logo decorating her chest as well as her tail.
    • - Is usually a workaholic of the 2K-tan calibre and rarely has a chance to interact with non-fish Windows girls.
    • - But she does use her leisure time effectively, roaming both land and sea, and generally getting herself into trouble.
    • - Is often accompanied by other "Saba"-tans, although the latter are seen even more rarely than 2003.

Other notes, on Windows Vista and 7

There are no bios for Windows Vista-tan, nor Windows 7-tan, since although they're acknowledged as part of the Windows Family, there's really no consensus to their designs, nor characterizations for either of them since both of them have so many different interpretations.

For Windows Vista, the Vista-tan design that comes the closest is the "Vistake" design, and for Windows 7, the closest 7-tan design is Nanami.

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