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Windows NT Workstation-tan
Character information
Common name Inu-T
Also known as Windows New Technology
First appearance Unknown
Hair color Blue
Eye color Cool Blue (?)
Faction Windows Family
Lineage WinNT
Technical information
System personified Windows NT Workstation
Developer(s) Microsoft Corporation
Debut July 27, 1993(?)
Latest release Version 4.0 Post SP6a SRP (26 July, 2001)

Two separate personifications of Windows NT exist; the first is usually depicted as a lilac-haired girl or young woman with blue eyes and a plain pink dress. The other, depicting NT Workstation, Inu-T, has recently been more common than the original NT-tan, at least on the Futaba image boards. NT has the romaji representation of enu ti—this sounds a lot like inu ti, and inu is the Japanese word for dog. Inu-T has blue hair, dog ears, a dog's tail and a collar. She usually wears gloves and boots shaped like paws, and colored blue to match her ears and tail.

Most depictions of Inu-T show her as a young girl, with an endearing dog-like attitude, with carefree, sweet and spunky traits, even if she is a bit simple-minded. She is often shown as being daughterly and close with NT-tan.

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