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Character information
Common name: VAXELN
Also known as: N/A
Proposed human name(s): Ellen Cutler
First appearance: Late 2007
Height: 5'4"
Hair color: Powder blue
Eye color: Lilac
Weapon of choice: N/A
OS-tan Annex Project Faction: Wanderer Class, formerly from the DEC Military
Lineage: DEC, VAX line
Rivals: VxWorks
Technical information
System Personified: VAXELN
Developer: Digital Equipment Corporation
Debut: 1987
Latest Stable Release: 1996

Technical Details

VAXELN is a VMS-based real-time operating system for the VAX line of computers. It was developed by DECwest Engineering Group, the first non-New England based DEC engineering group, and was used mostly for real-time applications.

VAXELN was not ported to the Alpha architecture when development of the VAX ceased. Instead, they licensed VxWorks for use on real-time systems.

Character Details


VAXELN-tan is depicted as an older teenage girl, with medium-length powder blue hair with peaked bangs, wearing a stripped-down version of the standard DEC uniform. Her personality is somewhat on the immature side, and although she does her job well, she tends to be a bit dazed and unprepared in social matters. Like her fellow real-time OS-tans, VAXELN is rather athletically-inclined, being especially fond of skiing.

Family and Relationships

Unlike the rest of her family, VAXELN-tan was raised outside of New England - living thousands of miles away in Seattle. The only DEC-tans she had any sort of prolonged exposure to were VAX-tan and VMS, her elder sister. In spite of this, she still maintains a fairly strong sense of cultural identity.

She and VMS-tan get along for the most part, although VMS-tan dislikes her unmotivated nature and VAXELN is quite jealous of her sister's far more prolific career.

VAXELN was eventually displaced by VxWorks-tan, and as such harbors a grudge against her.