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|tanname= PTS-DOS-tan
|image= PTSDOS.png
|image= PTSDOS.png
|imgsize= 100x100px
|cname= PTS-DOS-tan
|cname= PTS-DOS-tan

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Character information
Common name PTS-DOS-tan
First appearance Sep 2006
Hair color Periwinkle blue
Eye color Lilac
Faction DOSSE
Lineage DOS
Technical information
System personified PTS-DOS
Developer(s) PhysTechSoft
Debut PTS-DOS 6.4 (late 1993)
Latest release PTS-DOS 32 (release date unknown)

PTSDOS-tan personifies PTS-DOS, a disk operating system developed in Russia by PhysTechSoft and is a clone of MS-DOS certified by the Russian Military. She is personified as a light blue-haired woman with Russian-style braided hair, traditional schoolgirl ribbons and contemporary clothing embroidered with PTSDOS written in Cyrillic. She is a master of reverse engineering and can work wonders with technology that seems impossible to decipher and software that seem impossible to duplicate. PTS-DOS-tan is usually accompanied by PC-DOS-tan the most out of all the DOS sisters, given that PCDOS-tan (like many others) assumes that she can only understand Russian, and therefore confidently vents all her problems and emotional distress onto her.

She speaks only Russian but can understand other languages. To those that understand her she is witty, highly knowledgeable in history, philosophy and the arts. But to most people that don't understand her she appears to be apathetic because she can't respond back to them. Because there are very few who can properly communicate with her, she tends to keep to herself. Though she has a level of maturity that betrays her physical age, she is mischievous and likes to take advantage of the language barrier by pulling pranks and uttering smart remarks. She is however also very sensitive to the wants and needs of her sisters and friends, and will gladly help them from behind the scenes even if she doesn't get anything in return.

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