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Character information
Common name OS/2-tan
Also known as Operating System/2, OS/2 Warp, Merlin
First appearance Aug 2006
Height 171 cm (5'7")
Hair color blue with white streaks
Eye color blue
Weapon(s) phaser gun, prehensile hair
Faction Anti$oft Coalition (leader)
Lineage x86 DOS?
Rival(s) The Windows Family, especially NT-tan and 95-tan.
Technical information
System personified OS/2
Developer(s) Microsoft, IBM
Debut circa 1987
Latest release v. 4.5.2 (Dec 2001)

Technical details


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Operating System/2 (OS/2) was originally developed as a joint project between IBM and Microsoft. It's intention was to replace the antiquated Disk Operating System (DOS) as the operating system of choice, which by that time, Microsoft and IBM saw was quickly becoming obsolete.

OS/2 was born, initially as a 16-bit, command-line based operating system, which IBM coded from the ground-up as the personal computer equivalent of a mainframe system, with all of the advanced features previously existing only on those high-end machines. Microsoft worked closely with IBM with developing its GUI, up to version 1.3.

After Windows 3.0's success, Microsoft split-up with IBM, leaving them to develop OS/2. However, Windows NT was partially based on the OS/2 work that they did for IBM, and Windows 95 also borrows heavily from this code.

OS/2 2.x was a 32-bit OS, with its a new UI, the WorkPlace Shell; based off the Amiga OS's UI due to a deal made with Commodore that licensed their scripting language for inclusion in their Amiga OS. It was at first very successful, winning over many Windows 3.x users, and was able to run Windows programs seamlessly while being a stable system.

In November, 1994, OS/2 Warp 3.0 was released. It was the first PC operating system to have built-in Internet support, which wasn't widely regarded at the time, but now every OS has it now. At this point, the focus for OS/2 became the networked computer. When Windows 95 was released in August, 1995, resellers reported record sales on OS/2.

OS/2 Warp 4.0 (codename Merlin) was released in August, 1996. It's new features included a beautified GUI; the new graphical icons and widgets were designed by an ex-Apple programmer. The beauty was much more than skin deep, however, as the system included many useful features.

OS/2 Warp 4.5 (codename Aurora) was released in 1999, as a server release. It featured a bootable install CD, a new 32-bit TCP/IP stack, a journaling file system (JFS), and a logical volume manager.

Ultimately, OS/2 got vastly outsold by Windows, and lost the last of its support from IBM at the end of 2006. To this day, however, it is still widely used in some mission-critical systems and still has a devoted following.

Character details


OS/2-tan is represented as a blue-haired woman wearing glasses, a purple Star Trek Starfleet uniform (more specifically the Starfleet uniform from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country), C badge, blue skirt, black boots and a belt with a stylized depiction of the 5-colored OS/2 logo. The C on her badge mathematically means greater than the speed of light and can be interpreted as warp speed. Her hair has some white streaks in it, its length nearly equals her own height, and has the unique ability to move on its own and assist OS/2-tan with multitasking. Her sentient hair is a reference to OS/2's superior multithreading abilities.

The fact that OS/2-tan is a huge fan of Star Trek, wears a Starfleet uniform and wields a phaser gun are references to OS/2 having Star Trek-themed names and that during the opening ceremony for OS/2 Warp's release, IBM hired main actors from Star Trek to demonstrate it.

She is the (non-canon) stepsister to the DOS-based Windows-tans, is NT-tan's sister (because some OS/2 and features made its way into Windows NT, though NT is more heavily based off Digital Equipment Corporation's VMS) and is the aunt to NT-tan's children. But aside from Windows 1.0-tan and 2.0-tan, she despises the Windows-tans (especially 95-tan and NT-tan) and has a bloodthirsty vendetta against them. Another relative of OS/2-tan's is eComStation-tan, her little sister she admires, and puts her hopes into as her successor.

OS/2-tan in the present day has a bitter, volatile, and borderline psychopathic disposition from all the betrayal she weathered over the decades. She is however loyal to the friends she does have and is a natural-born leader.

Family and relationships

The Windows-tans


Anti$oft Coalition


It has never been said outright whether eCS-tan is OS/2-tan's younger sister or daughter, but either way, she is her successor whom she has placed a lot of trust in. However, she never officially recruited eCS-tan into the A$C because deep down she is afraid of eCS-tan making the same mistakes she did and would feel a lot of guilt for that. While happy to see her, OS/2-tan is concerned about eCS-tan not being dissuaded from joining the group.

Alternate character interpretation

Her backstory was drafted before OS/2's last support was dropped, one alternate interpretation is that after that happened, she would grow to come to terms with the past, and abandon her vendettas even though it would be among the most emotionally painful things she has done; in the process though, she won't need to keep her successor at a distance, and over time would also gain the trust of the friendlier and more forgiving Windows-tans before eventually reconciling with old rivals.

History and background

OS/2-tan was born to the Microsoft-IBM Family during when the two companies were cooperating. It was a cloistered but happy childhood as she had everything she needed, but saw or dealt with few other OS-tans in the market outside of her immediate family.

She was trained from the start to be the operating system of the future -- although she was a nice girl, she would at times come off as a little overconfident and arrogant. When Windows 2.0-tan was born, OS/2-tan took pity on what she thought would be the last Windows ever created, and looked after her like an overprotective step sister. Soon both would become genuinely friendly though. Her happy childhood started to fall apart with the event of Windows 3.1's (then Windows 3.0-tan) birth. Windows 3.1-tan's success and rumors with other entities to create NT-tan were what led to the Microsoft-IBM Family breaking up.

After the family breakup, she was trained by IBM to be a mean and efficient fighter. While their methods were effective, they were also mercilessly spartan and she was left cloistered even while the Windows-tans were quickly expanding their horizons. She took the loss of her family hard, but was still firmly loyal to her company. Plus it was her hope that in defeating the Windows line, the victor could decide the rules, hence, she originally intended to fight in order to get her family back. It was during the OS Wars of the mid 90's that she finally got a chance to face off against the Windows champion 95-tan -- the battle that ensued was long and hard, and although OS/2-tan almost succeeded, her company sabotaged her effort (which may or may not have been intentional), handing the victory to 95-tan.

This loss, plus IBM's growing indifference to her, her lonely life and watching the world fall in love with the Windows-tans drove her insane and vengeful. Since she was still too loyal to take out her frustrations on IBM, she focused all of it on the Windows-tans. She founded and leads the Anti$oft Coalition with the hope of vanquishing the Windows Family for the injustices caused to her and others because of their imperialism.

Even though OS/2's last bit of company support was discontinued at the end of 2006, and that OS/2 will not become Open Source despite petitions by many loyal users, OS/2-tan has not given up her ambitions and will continue them into the foreseeable future.

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