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OS-Tan Collections is the only active international forum for all things related to the OS-Tans. Founded by FabianN in 2005, it has grown to gigantic proportions in late 2006, with the addition of heavy users and new doujin artists.


Back during 2005, FabianN, the original admin of OS-Tan forums, founded the forum as a result of his interest in OS-Tans. OS-Tan Collections grew slowly from then on, remaining a low-profile forum, small compared to Nijiura or Wakachan. FabianN would leave in late 2005, leaving the forum to the care of the current admins Pitkin and Fedora-tan. It was stagnant during the summer of 2006, receiving less than a post per day and was considered for closing. In the late summer, the arrival of a flock of new members and the addition of the website of Google and Wikipedia would breathe new life into the forum. The expansion of the gallery during late 2006 would make the forum a gateway for people interested in OS-Tans. The addition of the Wiki and Download Section in early 2007 started a new era for the forum, but the best chapters of the forum's history are still being written.

Notable Members

This section features some of the members who have frequented the site during its lifetime.

Current Staff

  • Fedora-Tan - Site owner
  • Pitkin - Site administrator and technological newbie
  • Aurora Borealis - Global Moderator, huge wiki contributor and doujin artist


  • Alfamille - Gallery and file contributor
  • Bella - Artist, forum and gallery contributor
  • C-Chan - Former wiki moderator, doujin artist, gallery contributor, and pig
  • CaptBrenden - Former forum moderator and doujin artist
  • Chocofreak13 - Artist, forum and gallery contributor
  • FabianN - Former site owner and administrator, the ghost of the forum
  • NejinOniwa - Posting champion, writer, demon overlord
  • NewYinzer - Former wiki moderator, obsessive poster, and gallery contributor
  • PentiumMMX - Writer, forum and gallery contributor
  • Stewartsage - Writer, forum contributor
  • Tsubashi - Former site administrator and technological consultant, a valiant vampire


Member Ranks Revised 13 Jan 2011 User ranks system was revised to avoid OS-based opinion conflicts. Custom titles were allowed for everyone.
Site Banner Updated 10 Jan 2011 The original OSC forum banner was replaced with a new one designed by VonDaab to fit better the new forum style.
OS-tan Collections Forum Moves New Year's 2010/2011 OS-tan Collections forum was moved from an outdated phpbb2 version to SMF engine.
CaptBrenden Leaves Moderator Duties Spring 2010 CaptBrenden left the site and therefore her moderator status, leaving Aurora Borealis the sole moderator.
Tsubashi Leaves Forum Admin Duties 21 Sep 2009 Tsubashi left the admin duties due to a mission in the Philippines for two years.
Aurora Borealis Becomes a Forum Moderator 11 Sep 2007 Aurora Borealis was appointed "the shiny new banhammer" by CaptBrenden.
Tsubashi Becomes an Admin 10 Jun 2007 Tsubashi was appointed for the purpose of aiding Fedora-Tan with the technical aspects of forum.
OS-tan Collections Page Founded 15 Feb 2007 This article was first created.
OS-tan Wiki Founded 16 Jan 2007 The current Wiki, built on the MediaWiki engine, was established.
ostan-collections.net Voted New Domain November 2006 After a popular vote with user-submitted suggestions for new domain name, ostan-collections.net wins in second round vote against runner-up ostan-global.net. Final votes were 9 against 4.
CaptBrenden Becomes a Moderator 08 Sep 2006 CaptBrenden, one of the oldest members, became a Global Moderator on the forum.
Site Favicon Born 06 Sep 2006 NewYinzer's design inspired by ME-tan's logo was adopted the OS-tan Collections favicon.
IRC Channel Added 15 Apr 2006 The addition of the IRC channel provided a new venue of discussion between full members and casual browsers.
Pitkin Becomes an Admin Early October 2005 Fedora-Tan names Pitkin the "social" administrator to the site.
OS-Tan Collections Ownership Changes Early October 2005 FabianN gives the site ownership to Fedora-Tan (aka DarkLord) due to lack of time/interest. Forum's domain became ostan-collections.blackdiam.net.
OS-Tan Collections Founded Early March 2005 The forum was founded by the original forum administrator FabianN in domain ostan-collections.monkeysinabarrel.net.