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Windows 95 OSR 2.1-tan
Character information
Common name Windows 95 OSR 2.1-tan
Also known as OSR 2.1-san, 95B
First appearance Mentioned in a 4-koma series, design created in 2007
Height 158 cm (5'2")
Hair color brown
Eye color copper
Faction Wanderer Class
Lineage DOS/Win9x
Technical information
System personified Windows 95 OSR 2.1 (95B)
Developer(s) Microsoft
Debut 1996
Latest release 1996

Character details

An extremely obscure OS-tan that originated from the 4-Koma series that introduced 95 OSR 2.5-tan. Although she was only mentioned in brief, an actual character was created in OSC, appearing as a brown-haired girl with a large bow in her hair like the other 95-tans. However, OSR 2.1-tan's bow is made of wires and cables and her shoulder-length hair is in a cyberpunk-like hairstyle. Similarly, she wears a steampunk-style outfit consisting of a black, grey and white dress with a pink bow and leggings, black boots, brown leather gloves and belt, and a black kimono-style vest with a bronze OSR 2.1 brooch. Her steampunk appearance is meant to convey a high-tech look to what traditionally are old-fashioned Windows 95-tans.

OSR 2.1-tan is a sci-fi fanatic, more interested in the future than the present -- in fact, she introduced USB support to Windows, believing it to be the thing of the future. However 95 OSR 2.1's USB support didn't work well -- or rather, although OSR 2.1-tan prides herself as an old-fashioned tinkerer and inventor, her creations rarely work properly.

While she's not good at inventing things, she is a good fighter and wields a bow-and-arrow set she made herself and is a sharpshooter though she primarily uses it for self-defense. She is calm, courteous and values internal strength and self-discipline without the need to flaunt it to the rest of the world. Ironically, she also prefers to live alone and make her living as an eccentric steampunk inventor. So it's hard to say whether her calm and calculating demeanor is Zen-related or whether she's just chronically deep in thought about some new contraption and so instinctively tunes out the rest of the world.

She moved away from the rest of the Windows family and now lives far away on her own, so far away that one must write a letter just to ask a question. For this reason, she only contacts 95 OSR 2.5-tan with any regularity.

History and background

95 OSR 2.1-tan was born into the Windows Family and was expected to take after her older sister, 95-tan. However, OSR 2.1-tan was more of an inventor than a fighter but was still seen as an asset to the family with the hope of bringing advanced technologies to them. She introduced to them USB technology, but many of her demonstrations backfired. She left the family in shame and has lived as a wanderer ever since. Having seen the family's caretaker MS BOB-tan run away from home and given how competitive the Windows Family was at the time, OSR 2.1-tan thought running away from home was the only solution. She is also the only Windows-tan who has known MS BOB-tan and is willing to speak of her.

Among her experiences as a wanderer, she helped 95 OSR 2.5-tan, who had recently ran away herself for similar reasons but was found by OSR 2.1-tan in a miserable state. OSR 2.1-tan gave her the motivation to turn her life around.

Although she lives far away in a remote location, she enjoys her life as a wanderer and has spent more years amidst the company of Linux-tans, vintage-tans, CIOST members, other fellow Wanderers and occasionally the Mac-tans, and are not adverse to helping them out whenever possible, much to the still Windows imperialist-minded 95-tan's chagrin.