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Windows 2000-kun
2k-kun happy.jpg
Character information
Common name Windows 2000-kun
Also known as Windows 2000 Professional, Win2k, Nichen, Janus-kun
First appearance Unknown
Height *none listed officially
Hair color blue
Eye color blue
Faction Windows Family
Lineage WinNT
Technical information
System personified Windows 2000 Professional, Server and Advanced Server
Developer(s) Microsoft
Debut 17 Feb 2000
Latest release v5.0 SP4 Rollup 1 (13 Sep 2005)

Technical Details

Windows 2000 is the successor to Windows NT 4.0, and the first widely-available NT-based Windows Distribution. It was aimed at the business sector and thus was widely used in offices and servers rather than homes. To make up for this, Microsoft released Windows ME around the same time, which was aimed at the home market, but ME's lack of stability meant that 2000 stayed around quite a bit longer. Indeed, the professional, sturdy OS was supported for 10 years, rather long given the lifecycle of some OSes. While it was initially the most secure OS that Microsoft had ever released, some ambitious individuals took this as a challenge, and as a result several hard-hitting viruses were created specifically to target it. While it was succeeded by Windows XP in 2001, Microsoft continued to release security patches for it until the end of its lifecycle in 2010.

Windows 2000 features upgrades to the GUI of NT, improved support for users with disabilities, encryption, improved system management tools, and several features present in the Windows 98 line, such as Internet Tools (Outlook Express, IE 5, and others), and extended plug and play support. Windows 2000 was supposed to be adapted into a home version, codenamed Windows Neptune. Neptune saw the release of a few betas, but sadly never made it out of test lab, and it was eventually integrated into Whistler, which later became Windows XP.

Character Details

2k-kun is a man in his late 20's to early 30's sporting a rounded blue haircut, blue-grey eyes, and metallic cat ears (albeit smaller than his sister). He is tall, and constantly seen in business attire of some sort. He is overall a calm, rational man, typically looking after his brothers and sisters with a sort of fatherly nature about him, not unlike 95-kun. Though he can get angry, for the most part he doesn't, staying as a carefree, happy=go-lucky kind of guy.

2k-kun works in an office with some of his fellow -tans and kuns.[1] Like 95-kun, he likes drinking (though not as much as 95-kun), and often goes drinking after work with his coworkers (who are also some of his friends). Most of the people he hangs out with are from the Nijiura and Futaba Characters, such as his best friend Eigyouseki[2] and close friend/love interest Daiginjou.[3] It has been suggested that 2k might have some sort of romantic inkling for Inu-t (or at least thoughts about her), but this lacks ample evidence in that it has only been shown once.[4] 2k can also be seen hanging out with ME-kun, XP-kun, and Pizza-kun. (Just like with 2k-tan, 2k-kun has a close, special relationship with Pizza-kun. Unlike his sister and Pizza-tan, however, the relationship is less one of a fangirl and her idol and more of an office worker and his assistant. Pizza-kun also exhibits some degree of control over 2k-kun, in the way that 2k-kun seems to have some sort of crush on Pizza-kun. It might be slightly similar to the relationship between Momo and Sumire in Tramps Like Us. It isn't known whether or not Pizza-kun works in the same office as 2k-kun, but given that Pizza-kun also always wears a suit, it's a possibility.)

2k-kun seems to enjoy spending time with his family, though perhaps due to his position in the office, doesn't seem to spend much time at home. Despite this, he is often shown doing the activities we might see an adult older brother doing for kid siblings (Such as playing Santa on Christmas Eve[5]), and seems to get along well with his older siblings. Given 2k's assumed role of guardian of ME, he spends a bit more time with ME-kun than his other siblings (though he spends plenty of time with XP-kun, too). ME-kun is much more capable than his sister, however, so the extent of caring for him might just involve 2k bringing him to school on his way to work. If nothing else, the pair seem to play off of each other in some way, even if ME-kun occasionally makes trouble for 2k (although not in the same way as ME-tan would for 2k-tan).[6] 2k-kun's relationship with XP-kun seems to be one of an older brother looking after his younger sibling, but more in a mentorish sort of way. 2k has been known to look in on or cheer XP-kun on during his training[7], and hang out with him after.[8]


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