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Genre: Comedy
Artist(s): Aurora Borealis
Source: OS-tan Collections, DeviantART
First released: Jun 25 2006 (original), Apr 19 2007 (ZS Redux), Jan 2 2009 (ZS III)
Characters featured: many
# of chapters: 3


zerOSanity (or shortened to ZS) refers to a collection of silly OS-tan comics by OS-tan Collections member Aurora Borealis. The series features various characters and their misadventures.

Due to multiple rewrites, there are two remakes

Summary and changes

zerOSanity originally had a storyline centering around ME-tan, 2K-tan, XP-tan and Mac OSX-tan along with Palm OS-tan as tour guide as they go on summer vacation travels meeting various other characters and getting in misadventures on the way. Partway through chapter 2 of the first rewrite (around page 37), a decision was made to get rid of or reduce the storyline and replacing it with a decentralized approach allowing for short gags and for more characters to appear much sooner than if the storyline continued as it did. This new approach was fully implemented in the second rewrite- zerOSanity Take 3 which can be found at Aurora Borealis's/Kattlanna's DeviantART gallery

List of zerOSanity serieses

  • zerOSanity (original): First released on Jun 25th 2006, this was the first zerOSanity. It was all hand-traced, colored in Photoshop and implemented the original storyline and lasted 29 pages until it was cancelled in January 2007 and ultimately redone as zerOSanity redux.
  • zerOSanity (redux): First released on Apr 25th 2007, it was a complete redraw and major improvement of the original but kept the storyline until chapter 2. While the artwork, humor and dialogue were a lot better, ZS Redux still had a weak storyline that fell apart during chapter 2.
  • zerOSanity 2.5: Still a continuation of ZS Redux, first released on Jun 22nd 2008 as a transition from zerOSanity Redux's chapter 2 to zerOSanity Take 3. ZS 2.5 contains the remaining pages from chapter 2 and lasted for a total of 41 pages.
  • zerOSanity (Take 3 or zerOSanity III): The third take of zerOSanity which is also the second and final rewrite- first released Jan 2 2009. In this final revision there is no true storyline but rather a series of skits and short gags.

List of zerOSanity III skits

Scene 1, With a whole new look! (page 01)
3.1-tan uses the power of Calmira II to imitate the Windows 95 sisters
Scene 2, An unforgettable Linux eXPerience! (pages 02-03)
Linux XP-tan's backfired attempts at imitating the Windows XP-tans
Scene 3, A/UX-tan ALMOST joins the User Space Gang! (pages 04-08)
A/UX-tan gets recommended by Plan 9-tan the User Space Gang leader but something goes awry...