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Because of the flexible, “fanon” nature of the OS-tan phenomena (especially the so-called “non-canon” OS-tan lineup), there will be different outlooks and personal views on the nature of the OS-tan universe. Some of these are theories and conjectures; others are personalized interpretations of the OS-tan universe created for a specific story or timeline. We shouldn't let these divide, but unify and enrich the OS-tan universe which we have all helped create.

Please limit the discussions and articles herein to an “in-universe” perspective; there are other places for discussing the origins of the OS-tan phenomena, for example.

  • Species – An interpretations in which computer-tans can be divided into separate species, ie, operating systems, hardware and software
  • OS-tan Class - Distinctions between types of hardware and different types of OSes.
  • Setting - Interpretations of the OS-tan universe's setting, whether it's a virtual fantasy world, based on the real world, or in-between.
  • Life and Death - Interpretations on what gives an OS-tan her lifespan, and factors that lead to death.
  • OS-tan Human Names - Proposed human names for various OS-tan characters, if possible, a character will have both a Japanese name and a Western name, which ever one used being up to the individual fan's preference.
  • General OS-tan Theories - Non-canon/non-fanon speculations regarding various OS-tan characters, factions and groups and the wider OS-tan universe.