Breast Size, Hunger, and Memory

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It has been suggested from time to time that the breast sizes of the individual OS-tans can be representative of either their represent their RAM requirements, or the fanciness of their graphical user interface, although it should be noted that more complex user interfaces typically require more system resources to run. More commonly, breast size represents the RAM of a particular OS-tan. Quite often, stories will sometimes include a reference to XP-tan or 2K-tan receiving an upgrade to their resources, usually followed by an increase in breast size. However, some artists draw breast size relative to their minimum memory requirements. For instance, Vistan's breasts are often about the same size as Saseko's, despite the larger memory requirements of Vista. Also, Apple Lisa-tan is often drawn with breasts about the same size as Saseko, drawing a parallel with the Lisa's large RAM size in 1983. In practice, XP-tan is typically depicted as being well endowed while at the other end of the scale are the OS Girls representatives of DOS.

Similar to breast size is the hunger of each OS-tan. Windows XP, which is often regarded as memory hog, is personified by XP-tan, whose appetite for rice parallels the OS's memory requirements. However, Windows Vista, which consumes the most memory out of any OS, has not been shown as libelous in any way.