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Binteeji Renmei

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|name = Binteeji Renmei
|image = BintejiLogo.png
|founder = [[Amiga]], [[Apple II]], [[GS/OS]], [[Apple Lisa|Lisa]], [[Windows 1.0]], [[Windows 2.0|2.0]] (six co-founders), [[UNIX|Unix]] (benefactress)
|leader = [[Amiga]]
|matriarch = n/a
|ftype = Alliance, non-profit organization
|niche = Where OS-tans retire, yet find a new lease on life.
|territory = Farmland, surrounded by apple orchards. Semi-industrialized with an antiquated vibe to it.
|established = circa 1997-98
|dissolution = current
|predecessor = The families its various members came from before collapse.
|successor = current
*'''[[DEC_OSOS/8 | OS/8]]'''
*'''[[PilotOS | Pilot OS]]'''
*All permanent '''[[DOSSE]]''' members
==Annex Bios==
[[Binteeji Renmei Annex Bios| See Annex Bios]]

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