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Sinclair QL
Character information
Common name Sinclair QL
Also known as Quantum Leap, Sinclair QDOS
First appearance Jan 2010
Height 165 cm (5'5")
Hair color blonde
Eye color blue-green
Faction Binteeji Renmei
Lineage Sinclair
Rival(s) Amstrad CPC, Macintosh System 1
Technical information
System personified Sinclair QL and its OSes
Developer(s) Sinclair Research
Debut 12 Jan 1984
Latest release circa 1986

Technical details

The Sinclair QL was the first 32-bit personal computer to be released, only 12 days before the Macintosh, but the QL's claim to fame came at a cost, as development had to be rushed, bugs weren't tested and not enough memory was shipped with the QL at first. Extra memory came in separate cartridges later. It wasn't very successful commercially, but went on to have a cult-following.

Character details


QL-tan is ZX Spectrum-tan's younger sister, represented as a woman with long blonde hair tied in a ponytail, wears glasses, a black suit with a dark blue striped vest and a red tie with a silver brooch on it. She looks similar to her older sister, both having the same eye color and long sandy blonde hair, and wearing business clothing, but their fashion sense is very different.

She is dressed to impress, eager to take the initiative with anything, and wants to be a businesswoman. However, she is scatterbrained, prone to rushing through things without planning ahead enough, and has a poor working memory, so she must write or tape everything to get work done. She is often seen carrying several notebooks and tapes, but working around her limitations, she has become a part-time entrepreneur working for the Binteeji Renmei, helping them sell homemade goods for much-needed funds.

Family and relationships

ZX Spectrum

QL-tan admires her predecessor Spectrum-tan, but feels like a failure, not having been able to create the same kind of long-lasting legacy that Spectrum did, as the QL got discontinued 2 years after debut while the older Spectrum was on the market for more than 10. They get along very well, though QL-tan cannot overlook Spectrum-tan's fashion sense, and her attempts to educate the older sister on color theory have not been successful.

Amstrad CPC

CPC-tan is the stepsister of the Sinclair-tans, and she was their leader when the Sinclair-Amstrad faction was around. QL-tan didn't adjust as well to CPC's new status as well as Spectrum-tan did. Oftentimes, CPC-tan and QL-tan tease each other, with CPC-tan saying that QL-tan is too uptight, and QL-tan saying that CPC-tan is too reckless or obnoxious. Since the dissolution of the faction, and both of them being Binteeji Renmei members, CPC-tan is now her equal, not her boss, and this may help their relationship be patched up over time.

Macintosh System 1

Macintosh System 1-tan still has a rivalry with QL-tan, dating back to her being annoyed that QL-tan made her debut as the first 32-bit personal computer-tan shortly before she did. That used to be a real point of disputes between the two, though System 1-tan has mellowed out considerably over the years, so their rivalry isn't serious anymore, mainly just slight antagonism on System 1-tan's part. They are willing to work together selling stuff though, but whether it is sincere cooperation, or a competition isn't totally clear.

History and background