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Amstrad CPC-tan represents the CPC line of home computers and their main OS, AMSDOS. As one of the fastest home computers of the 80's performance-wise, CPC-tan is athletic and loves to jog. She is tomboyish and wears jogging gear in red, green, blue and black, the colors of the original Amstrad CPC. Sometimes she also wears colorful accessories that match.

Aside from jogging, she likes to sort, label, and juggle things. To show off, she will juggle cassettes and floppies. She is very competitive and likes challenges from others, mainly her contemporaries. Strangely, one of her rivalries is with Sinclair QL-tan. Their rivalry is semi-mutual, with CPC-tan trying to motivate QL-tan to be less uptight, and QL-tan thinking that CPC-tan is too much of a show-off and slacker.

She became the stepsister of the Sinclair-tans (ZX81, ZX Spectrum, QL) in 1986 when Amstrad bought out Sinclair Research's computer division. Of her step family, she is the leader.