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Character information
Common name Octopus-tan
Also known as n/a
First appearance Feb 2008
Technical information
System personified Octopus
Developer(s) Laboratorio de Sistemas, University of Thessaly
Debut unknown
Latest release unknown


Octopus is an OS based off of Plan B (which in turn is based off of Plan 9 from Bell Labs) and is regarded as A different approach to Plan B and focused on order.

Octopus-tan is represented as a girl with long orange hair, wearing a white dress with orange straps and an orange tentacle-themed skirt. Her hair even has an octopus theme to it. She has a sweet but oblivious personality and dislikes disorder though she tends to accidentally cause more when trying to stop it.

OSC Notes

Octopus-tan is Plan B-tan's 'clone' created in a fit of insanity. She did not turn out as expected at all and was regarded as a freaky, tentacled abomination at first but it did not take long for Plan B-tan to rethink that and gladly accept Octopus-tan into the family and the User Space Gang.

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