Plan B

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Plan B-tan
Character information
Common name Plan B-tan
First appearance Jan 2008
Height 160 cm (5'3")
Hair color white with purple tips
Eye color dark grey
Faction User Space Gang
Lineage Bell Labs research Unix (through Plan 9)
Technical information
System personified Plan B
Developer(s) Systems Labs
Debut unknown
Latest release unknown

Technical details

Plan B is an OS designed to operate on top of Plan 9 and focuses on distributed environments with variable amounts of resources.

Character details

Plan B-tan is incredibly resourceful and nonchalant, able to keep her cool and make do with whatever is around when resources are low. And while usually quiet, she is not adverse to speaking her mind. She resembles her 'mother' Plan 9-tan and has short but wild white hair with purple tips, dark grey and perpetually droopy eyes with black eyeshadow, wears minidresses with fin-like sleeves and a matching 'tail fin' skirt layer in the back. Her appearance is also based off of the Plan B mascot, an orange fish with purple fins and droopy eyes.

She often accompanies Plan 9-tan and writes down everything Plan 9-tan says, even if it is embarrassing.

OSC Notes

Plan B-tan is Plan 9-tan's clone, created to assist her in managing the User Space Gang where she is affiliated. Being Plan 9-tan's clone, she could be considered Inferno-tan's sister. Possibly taking after Plan 9-tan, Plan B-tan created her own 'clone': Octopus-tan.

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