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Windows 1.0-tan
Character Information
Common Names Windows 1.0-tan
Other Names 1.0-tan
Faction Binteeji Renmei
Lineage DOS/Win9x
Height 161 cm (~5'3")
Hair Color Lime green
Eye Color Lime green
First Appearance September 2006
Technical Information
System Personified Windows 1.0
Developer(s) Microsoft
Debut 20 Nov 1985
Latest release v1.04 (8 Apr 1987)

OSC!Windows 1.0-tan is depicted as a young woman in her late teens/early 20's of maternal disposition, not unlike Windows NT-tan. She has bright green eyes, similarly colored short hair (a tacit foreshadowing of Windows ME), and wears a large grey hair clip behind her head in the shape of a giant 1.0. She wears a simple one-piece orange dress and 1920's style dress shoes of a similar color to match. Owing to the original systems patchiness as an MSDOS-dependent platform, her clothing is often depicted in tatters and laden with patches. 1.0-tan herself will often be seen wearing semi-permanent bandages or slings.

Due to her incomplete/experimental nature as an operating system, Windows 1.0-tan is characterized with a slow and stunted mental state, and can be considered the most innocent and childlike of all Windows OS-tans despite being the eldest. Regardless, she is a sweet, humble and loving individual, and while she may appear oblivious to the wants and needs of others, she is in fact very perceptive to them and silently despairs when she is unable to help. She talks little and performs few if any complicated activities on her own, but takes reverent pride in performing any task assigned to her no matter how small.

Her most prize possession is a picture frame containing photographs and clippings of her entire family, from Xenix-tan and MSDOS-tan, to the current modern Windows OS-tans. However, although she knows her descendants by name, few if any modern Windows OS-tans are aware of her existence. Both Windows 1.0-tan and her daughter 2.0-tan were exiled prior to the onset of the commercial OS Wars, with their association to the current family all but severed. Windows 2.0-tan is therefore the only family member with whom she has lived with for any extended period of time.