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This article is a work in-progress.

This is a project to catalogue as many OS-tan comic and literature series as we can.

OS-tan Comic Series

"95 OSR2.5-tan 4Koma"

The title for this series is unknown, this is the 4Koma (4-paneled manga) that introduced 95 OSR 2.5-tan, a semi-recurring character.

Linux-tan Comic

Mac Manga

This manga is the first, or at least the most well-known portrayal of the Canon Mac-tans (OS9 and "Generic" Mac/OSX) and their everyday lives.


A gag series made of skits featuring various OS-tans and aspects of computer history. Successor to the long-defunct zerOSanity, which had failed due to difficulty and time constraints (and the writing needing improvement). Is now a 4Koma and is a collaborative effort.

Shared Fol-DA!

Drawn by Deja Vu, this doujin is controversial for replacing a canon character (NT-tan) with a radically different design, and claiming the OS-tan series as their own.

VMS/early DEC Comic

OS-tan Literature

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  • Beyond ULTRA Secret
    • Heat of the Giant
    • Powering Up
  • Far From Home
  • Gakuen OS
  • Journey of One Mile
  • Leopard-tan Series
    • The Device
    • Land of the Giants pts. 1 & 2
    • Ad Cantabrigia
    • In Cantabrigia
    • Technology Square
    • Ringmistress
  • Love and the Modern Computer
  • Mertvaya Ruka
    • Enter the Dead Hand
    • Hands-on Approach
    • Raised Hand
    • Hand-Me-Down
    • Crouching Hand, Hidden Leopard
    • Deadly Decadence
    • Decripification
    • Journey through the DECADE
    • Source Decode
  • Multics-sama and MTS-tan
  • OS Interviews
    • part 1
    • part 2
  • OS-tans On A Ship
  • Recital, 1962
  • SAGE Chronicles (title unknown)
  • Summer Days
  • Thanks for the Memories pts. 1 - 4
  • The Lakes No. 1
  • Time Enough At Last
  • Unix Fanfic

Difficulties cataloging comics

There are many OS-tan doujin out there, but as of now, so few of them can be catalogued since most of them aren't available online. Of those that have been found and/or translated, most of them are one-shot/stand-alone strips, or the name of the doujin or artist just can't be found.