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A catalogue of major OS-tan videos.

List of videos

Note: The list is incomplete.

Troubled Windows ("Sakuranbo Kissu")


(とらぶる・うぃんどうず Toraburu Windouzu), An opening animation to a hypothetical OS-tan anime. This is one of the earliest, but most influential OS-tan video. The video was originally made in Flash and the original version is interactive. The song used is "Sakuranbo Kissu" by KOTOKO, used in the visual novel "Colorful Kiss", but in the OS-tan fandom, it has been adopted an unofficial OS-tan theme song.

Troubled Windows ("Princess Brave")


An alternate opening animation, using another KOTOKO song, "Princess Brave". Shows the Windows-tans showing off their weapons, sparring against each other while ME-tan fails to defrag and has a run-in with Mac-tan and Linux-tan among other powerful opponents.

OS Pittan


The ending animation to the hypothetical OS-tan anime. Based off the song Futari no Xenopittan, itself a Xenosaga remix of Futari no Mojipittan in the PS2 game Mojipittan.



95-tan sings to the acoustic version of "Sakuranbo Kissu".

Love Love OS


OS-tan music video created by infinity_zero in his best-known art style, features various OS-tans (Mac, Windows, Amiga, Linux) together.

XP-tan Desktop


Animation of a talking XP-tan that appears to be on the user's desktop and interacting with the imaginary user.

Nijiura Tenshi OS-tan


(にじうら天使OSたん), the song used is the ending song of "Hanasaka Tenshi Tentenkun".



OS-tan music video based off of IDOLM@STER, featuring cameo appearances of various OS-tans.

Windows 7 Nanami Videos

OS-girls dancing "Smiley x Smiley"

A Miku Miku Dance video (MMD) of XP-tan, 95-tan, 2K-tan and ME-tan dancing outside their house. The song is "Smiley x Smiley", as sung by Hatsune Miku.


--Title needs translation--

A quirky OS-tan MMD video, it starts with apocalyptic imagery before transitioning to a cheerful scene of ME-tan, 95-tan and XP-tan enjoying a walk through a grassy field.


"MikuMikiDance Michi Michi (???) ★ Romantic Night (OS ???)" (incomplete translation)

---Need translation of the Kanji---

Another quirky OS-tan MMD video. 2K-tan, XP-tan and 95-tan are dancing in outer space, then in a spaceship, and then in a cathedral. Several cameo appearances are made throughout the video. Among them:

  • An anthropomorphized Doraemon @ 0:45 - 1:03
  • ME-tan @ 1:22 - 1:33
  • Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid) @1:33 - 1:34
  • ??? @ 1:48 - 1:51
  • Rei Ayanami (Neon Genesis Evangelion) @ 2:14 - 2:18
  • Megurine Luka (Vocaloid) @ 2:14 - 2:18
  • ??? @ 2:10 - 2:18
  • Kasane Teto (UTAU) @ 1:08 - 1:12 and at the credits
  • Kagamine Len (Vocaloid) @ the credits
  • Akita Neru (Vocaloid fan character) @ the credits