List of works depicting SAGE

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This article is a work in-progress.

A comprehensive list of original fiction, fan-fiction, artwork and comics depicting SAGE-tan. Story descriptions will be added when they are written.




StewartSage's original SAGE-tan stories

"SAGE Diary, 11-11-09" (First released SAGE-tan story)



List of various military OS-tans, including SAGE and her co-workers.

"Of Mice"


"Wounded" (SAGE-tan story in which BUIC-tan makes an appearance)

"Dirty Water" (An account of Whirlwind-tan's death as told by SAGE-tan)

"Welcome to Almaden"

"Water Cooler"

"The Missile Gap"

An Apple a Day"

"Winds of Change"

  • "Summer Days" ("Bad end" omake/ alternate universe story featuring SAGE and Unix-tan)


"Time Enough At Last"

"What's For Dinner"

Fan-fiction based on these stories

"Thanks for the Memories" (Slashfic featuring SAGE-tan and Apple ///-tan)