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Character information
Common name DOS/V-tan
Also known as DOS/VGA
First appearance Unknown
Height none officially listed, is 128 cm (4'2") in Annex Project
Hair color grey
Eye color grey or pale green
Faction DOSSE
Lineage x86 DOS
Technical information
System personified DOS/V
Developer(s) IBM
Debut 1990
Latest release unknown

Technical details

DOS/V is a variant of PC-DOS designed with Japanese language support, and led to the IBM compatibles becoming dominant in the Japanese market, overthrowing the previously dominant PC-98 platform.

Character details

She is a younger sister of MS-DOS-tan and PC-DOS-tan, and is the same size as them, but has long grey or grey-blue hair and a dark bodysuit; around the collar is the DOS insignia in different colors. She is less shy than MS-DOS-tan and less standoffish than PC-DOS-tan, but still isn't very sociable.

History and background

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