TRS-80 Color Computer

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TRS-80 Color Computer
Character information
Common name TRS-80 Color Computer
Also known as CoCo
First appearance Late 2006
Hair color Coffee brown
Eye color Turquoise
Lineage TRS-80
Rival(s) VIC-20, C64, Apple II
Technical information
System personified TRS-80 Color Computer
Developer(s) Tandy Corporation
Debut 1980
Latest release 1990

Technical details

The original TRS-80 was Tandy Corporation's desktop microcomputer model line, sold through Tandy's RadioShack stores in the late 1970s and 1980s. Hobbyists, home users, and small-businesses were the intended consumers, and the endearment of the TRS-80 computer by its users resulted in a successful venture for Tandy Corporation. It was improved in later years as the TRS-80 Color Computer, often referred to as CoCo by its users, which started out as a joint venture between Fort Worth based Tandy Corporation and (then) Austin based Motorola Semiconductor, Inc. to develop a low cost home computer in 1977.

Character details


CoCo-tan was created in late 2006 by C-Chan and Zerodin to personify the TRS-80 Color Computer, a derivative of the very popular Tandy TRS-80 with color capabilities.


CoCo-tan is commonly depicted as a young Hispanic woman with caramel skintone and short dark brown hair. She commonly wears stereotypical 1980's-style clothing, being originally depicted by her creator as dressing in a black tube top with colorful accents, tight rubber shorts and flashy gold earrings, lampooning the trashy persona of the TRS-80. Her appearance and personality are known to cause quite a lot of disturbance, referencing the massive RF interference the TRS-80 caused in surrounding electronics.

Family and Relationships

While the relation between CoCo and TRS-80-tan has not been explored, it is probably safe to assume that the two are related, at lest in part.