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Character information
Common name CRAY-2
First appearance May 2019
Height 188 cm (6'2")
Hair color Dark blue
Eye color Silver
Weapon(s) Wand, elemental sorcery; wields water and liquid metal-based magic.
Faction Wanderer Class (Formerly of the Mainframe Guild)
Lineage Cray
Technical information
System personified CRAY-2
Developer(s) Cray Research
Debut 1985

Technical details

The Cray-2's development started in 1979. It was released in 1985 as the successor to the Cray X-MP, and held the record for the fastest and most powerful supercomputer until 1990 with a clock speed of 244 MHz. The Cray-2's smaller size than the Cray-1 led to more severe problems with overheating, which were addressed by equipping all Cray-2 units with cooling tanks.

Character details

Cray-2-tan is represented as a woman with long wavy dark blue hair, and dark grey eyes, and wearing a stylized 19th century style swimsuit that is primarily black with red and silver accents. Her hair is decorated by several metal hairclips, and her skirt has panels on it that are customizable, like on Cray-1-tan's dresses. She has a cooling tank strapped to her back, and always has to have it with her to avoid overheating. She also carries a wand fashioned from cooling rods.

Cray-2-tan was the most powerful mainframe-tan from her 1985 debut until 1990, but despite the tremendous power she retains, she has low self-esteem, and often struggled to use her full power. She is hot-headed, and an overachiever who still often believes that her best is not enough, but takes pride in the work she has done in movies. Although she is often serious, she doesn't mind practical jokes, referencing the gags that Cray-2 users had about the Cray-2's cooling tank, such as putting a "No Fishing" sign on it.


She is an elemental sorceress, specializing in water magic. She developed the ability to shape liquid metal into weapons, as a reference to the Cray-2's involvement in the production of Terminator 2: Judgment Day. She is an excellent multitasker and fast thinker, referencing the Cray-2's fast memory and ability to quickly process large data sets.



Cray-2-tan is Cray-1-tan's estranged daughter. Cray-1-tan had extremely high expectations of her since her creation because of other competitors. The pressure she put on Cray-2-tan to live up to these expectations caused Cray-2-tan to frequently overexert herself, and she even had to have her body rebuilt multiple times from the strain her power had on herself. This is in reference to the Cray-2 being expected to be 10 times faster than the Cray-1, and how the Cray-2 had to be rebuilt multiple times due to design problems.

OSC Notes

In the Annex Project fanon, Cray-2-tan is a wanderer, and former member of the Mainframe Guild. She resigned from the Guild some time after 1990.