NeoN-HNCO Productions RP 3 - ERROR:409 (Ingame)

Started by NejinOniwa, May 02, 2009, 07:49:46 PM

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"hmm.....the tan one has healing prowess! he and the red haired one will be useful.....must keep them close..." using one of the few assets she had, choco looked back at the pair, gave a warm smile, and nodded her head to follow. "hope that worked.....cause if not......i'm screwed till i get there."

Alex S

The question from the shield-bearing man broke Alex's train of thought.

"I'm pretty sure that that battle alerted any Vassicans in the area. In short, we must quickly depart if we do not wish to engage in any more combat."

With that, Alex started following the strangely cloaked person who had been searching the bodies of the dead soldiers.

If we were heard, they will be sure to send a larger force in pursuit of us. If we do not leave soon we are sure to be in peril.


she looked back again to see there was another following her. she gave a confused look, shrugged, and kept going.
"eh, the more there is, the less i get killed."