What is the origin of your nickname?

Started by Exa, January 03, 2007, 07:03:34 AM

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Since I'm on this forum, I saw a lot of interesting nicknames. I'm always wondering about their origins. So I would be happy if you say something about them.

And to start the topic, here is mine nickname's description: Exa is a prefix in the SI system of units and denoting 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 (Yes, I'm a bit megalomaniac  :D ) There are bigger prefixes, but Zetta or Yotta doesn't sound that good: Exa is shorter, and it can be used in arcade games where you only have three spaces to put your name.  ;012

Also, I mentioned in my introduction the name Exec; it's just a short form of Executor.


Hmmm...  I think I had just watched that "Jay and Silent Bob" movie back in the days, so I needed a nick and SilentBob became it. (I use it at a number of places).  I spelled it a bit wrong here, with a small "b" in "Bob", but forum registration forms have become so tedious.  :P    

Maybe I should ask to have it changed to "AmigaBob" since C-Chan likes to call me that, lol.


Ohh, that Jay and Silent Bob movie... I saw it once, and made me LOL.

And "AmigaBob" sounds interesting. If you want to, I'm calling you AmigaBob. :)


Well, I had another screen name, "Dopetoinfinity", ever since I was thirteen so about two years ago I tried to think up something new. I looked towards my X-Box for inspiration and I found that it's name was "Donut", I thought "Hey cool! Thats it!". However, Me and my friends started to watch Red Vs. Blue and they all said I stole it. And so I shrugged it off still contemplating a cool name, after a day or so I was still contemplating while playing Halo with a few of my buddies When all of the sudden I realised that the name of my X-Box wasnt "Donut" but rather "Mopey". Suddenly it was clear exactly what my name was going to be! "Oh Lawd!" I thought to my self, "This totaly beats my other idea. What was I thinking?!...gosh who names themselves "Saucy"?"


I grew up listening to a translated radio play, which in original English script was called Men from the Ministry. The play featured two civil servants, Mr Hannibal Hamilton-Jones (later Mr Roland Lennox-Brown) and Mr Richard Lamb (Lamm in the Finnish translation), their secretary Miss Mildred Murfin and, and finally their supervisor, undersecretary Sir Gregory (Henry in Finnish version) Pitkin.

Pitkin was a detestable character; not only as lazy as his underlings, he also was corrupt and debauched beyond imagination, abusing his position in every point possible. However, he was also (much thanks to the superb Finnish voice actor) the cream of the crop of the awesome staff, and managed to make the listener laugh more than a few times during the series.

In 2002 December, I joined my first international website, the Princess Maker Nexus, and chose SirHenryPitkin as my screenname. I later took it with me to Oldgames.nu (after registering as 'Veijalainen' in two other sites in between), but after leaving the site in 2005 I had had enough of that long nickname. The next generation was just Pitkin; shorter, but still recognizable. I've used a few other nicknames as well, mostly Pitkin variants, however.


Wow, this is an interesting thread.  -v-

*brings in Claes, Henrietta, Triela and Rico*

And I officially endorse AmigaBob's offical recognition of "AmigaBob".  ^__^

Altogether now....  -v-

*the girls and [an off-key] C-chan start singing Ode to Joy*


*2 hours later*

Oh, my nickname?  '__'

Eto,... -v-'

The origin itself is a long story predating back to my pre-Anime days, but the name itself is short for "Cochino-chan".

You can Google it, or ask Darknight what that means.  ^__^


1st off there is no relation between ff and my nickname. Period.

2nd off:
Ultimus = Latin = Last/Final
Ninja = Japanese = Spy

Last/Final Spy

although had I have created my dragon ealier, my nm would have been Uthantion...but people know my as Ultimaninja, and here resident-ninja, lol


Now I'm the official Spanish-English translator?
Cochino = Pig
Cochino-chan = Pig-chan
C-chan = P-chan

My nickname? I think I posted the reasons before <_<
But before anyone asks, no, It isn't related in any way to Batman. But I don't know why I chose this nickname, I just started using it years ago. Now that I think about it, I should change it for something less common...I think someone in Russia is also using it >_>.



As far as I know, my screen name is entirely made up. I just wanted a short, easy to remember name that I could use for things on the internet.

The only way I think my name was influenced is from Megaman Legends 2, in which there is a character called "Gats" or something like that. But I didn't use the name to portray myself as that character. When I google Gaatz I get some town name in Germany.  ;020
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My screen name was inspired by a limited-print news paper in my birthplace. It's called the New Yinzer (obviously lampooning the New Yorker), so I thought that would be a good replacement for my old screen name, Henryproton001, which had been in use since 1999. Internet forms have required me to abbreviate it as "NewYinzer".


rdhdtwns = old old old screenname I use sometimes.
rd hd twns =
red head twins =
I am 1/2 of a twin unit ^o^
So cute it\'s deadly!


*dons baseball cap and hot dog carriage*

Red Hots!!!  Get you're Red Hots here!!  ^v^

No, but seriously I've always wanted to ask you that.  ^___^


Jeff has his most creative moments very late at night.  Of course, ideas come when sleepy, but the refinement has to come when I'm less drowsy.
Hence I make doodles when sleepy. Hence, SleepyDoodler, and since that's a rather long name, it;s been abbreviated to SleepyD. ^^

Tupolev Wolf

Well the First part of my nickname I got from the Russian aircraft manufacturer, Tupolev, which makes most of Russia's Bombers, and the second part I got because the Wolf is my Favorite Animal.