What is the origin of your nickname?

Started by Exa, January 03, 2007, 07:03:34 AM

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I've never liked having any nicknames :p

Oh, how people have tried... Teachers in school particularly
Their failures are legendary and epic!

I was pretty blunt in school...  "Don't call me that. I'll ignore you until you get it right"... The teachers did learn :p


i have a friend who was called "kelsie" by one of her teachers so much that the headmaster picked it up, and it took her weeks to straighten it out with the head (her name is chelsea).
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The kawaii factor probably plays a role in the decision of calling her Kelsie instead I think!  It's like a -tan versus a -chan

I had a girlfriend named Chelsea once
What a...   :p


nah, she said it was just annoying and that the teacher just didn't pay any attention to getting it right. :\
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Was the tsun followed up by some dere?

That is cute

I'd call her Kelsie too  :p


she'd probably knee you in the balls. :\
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Forget her then! Who needs her? She hates anime anyway
And she refuses to wear ribbons/hairpins/etc in her hair.
And all she does is nag!
And whine!

"I'm going to a movie. Wahh, boo hoo, woe is me..."

However... She is fiesty...

She could be the, eh... like...
Have you ever seen the movie Salt? With Laura Croft? I mean, Anjelina Jolie?
That was a good movie...

But she could be like that, because Ms Jolie is quite fiesty in that movie


chelsea's nice, and she likes anime. :3
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I dunno if I already posted here but i'll explain mah nickname :3

I based my name a song i wrote =w=


Yes, that is a vocaloid. Miriam to be exact :3

(also, I got safari to work in wine 8D)
I'm not kidding. I have all teh animal crossing games and play them everyday.
My profile pic is from deviant art. It's not mine.


I guess not much to explain here... it's my real name xD

Normally I'm not that uncreative, but it was free here, so I figured why not take it :)
Other nicknames I go by include paulfred, TheMunch, pwuerrer, and most recently littlenoises.


Those are all really awesome nicknames Paul. *Takes notes for future reference*


if you weren't in europe, i'd scold you for being so volunteering with info.

on a semi-related note (and because i don't know what else to post), you can come up with awesome fantasy names if you spell a word backward. for example, in 7th grade or so, i wrote 1 chapter of a fantasy book called "oratmah" (the main character's name, "hamtaro" backwards).
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