What is the origin of your nickname?

Started by Exa, January 03, 2007, 07:03:34 AM

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Oh god... at first I thoguht you ment real nick names -_- whew im off the hook.. cus I got like 100 of them. Its the guys at works past time to come up with new nick names for people... I have picked up more then I can count in the last 5 years.

but as for my handle on here, its an old RP nick from middleschol. Very old indeed.  Its actually short for Brother Captain Brenden of the Blood Angels Legion of Astrates.  A Warhammer 40k reference.  He was the leader of my force, and I converted up a very nice mini to represent him.

anyhow.. the nick has got me into trouble a few times at work.. people thought my captbrenden email was me pretending to be a captain in the marines.. which is a big offence, but I proved that wroung.. along with proving my geekdom, to the company commander.
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well mine is weird ZJHENTOHLAUEDY. i picked it up when i was registering in Neopets.. thats right NEOPETS... so much names were taken and i couldn't finish registration since there is always a double. then i saw the box of my zjentohlauedy model kit. zjentohlauedy is the big alien species in the macross or robotech series whichever you want to call it.

i started using the name to everywhere i joined to ever since

just recently i discovered that i had been spelling it wrong these past years because when i looked at the box it spelled zjentohlauedy but i have been using ZJHENTOHLAUEDY.... Damn that H!!!
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my gawd o_o that is spelled in no freaking way like its pronounced.  I love robotech but I had no idea it was spelled like that.  i thought it was spelled like.. zentradi or something... thats a hell of alot more letters
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Quote from: "zjhentohlauedy"well mine is weird ZJHENTOHLAUEDY.

That's the weirdest name I've ever seen on a forum, indeed. But this name has one positive thing: the chance of someone other wants to use this name is almost equal to zero.


mine is easy, write Cyanide with an X
it'll sound a little the same when you pronounce it, just written differently X)


For mine. Panithan is my real name. It's the Thai word that means 'to concentrate on something'. Or use T, it is the first letter of my nickname. After I becomes familar with OS-tan. I sometimes use T-tan or Inu-T as well.

Raffaele the Amigan

Well, Raffaele it is my real name. It cames from the Archangel Raphael (One of the three Archangels together with Gabriel and Michael).

Here it is:


Then the attribute "Amigan" stands just for the fact I am amigan user and as I draw pretty good I desired to create OS-Tans Amiga related... ;012  ;010
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(Speaking of which, hope you're doing better now, Raffaele-san.  -v-')


My nick was from a history that I and a friend were writing for a future manga (and it's been never launched) and the main characters were versions of ourserves. My friend character was called Rafofo Power and mine, Cyber Ramses.

Ramses (or Rameses) was also the name of a Pharaoh in ancient Egypt, the one that was raised with Moses like brothers. When Moses returned to Egypt to free the Hebrews, Ramses was already Pharaoh, and became a conflict between them.




I haven't had much time to work on my personal manga project.... I have tons of text documents and nothings really started.... (except character designs)

I guess I'll have to set that aside for now.  In any case, I think short 1-chapter type stories might work well for practice. ^^


My screenname comes from Laevateinn (with the extra N). Wiki entry:

Quote from: "Wikipedia"In Norse mythology, the elf Volund (Weyland), forged a sword (Laevateinn) so lethal that it imperiled the very gods themselves. The sword was taken from Volund and was brought to Asgard. They passed the sword into the hands of the god Freyr, who gave it to his servant Skirnir to trade the sword to the father of the Giantess Gerdr whom Freyr had fallen in love with and wished to marry. At Ragnarök, Surtr (lord of the realm of fire) wielded Freyr's sword and severed the roots of the world tree Yggdrasil with it instigate the destruction of the universe. Freyr would ultimately fall to his own blade. With it, he could have defeated Surtr and saved existence.

The sword was called Laevateinn, made its wielder invincible in battle, could fight without being held, but was of course forged for the hand of a God.

The sword was also known as the "Wounding Wand" or the "Staff of Destruction".

However, I first heard of the name in Nanoha A's, where Signum, one of the main antagonists, has a falchion called Laevatein, which is one of the more awesome magical swords I've ever seen (it actually speaks German! XD). Laevatein is also the name of a yet to be animated Arm Slave in Full Metal Panic.

Previous screen names I've used include Edgar's Parish (english translation of Parokya ni Edgar, one of the most popular pop music bands in the Philippines, two generations and counting).

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Quote from: "Laevatein"
(it actually speaks German! XD)

Yes, talking weapons are the coolest, even if they are not the strongest! :D

Aurora Borealis

Interesting... When I first saw your username, Laevatein, Signum's weapon was what first came to my mind! :D

Mentioning that reminds me I need to finish watching Nanoha A's!


Mine's rather simple. It comes from a beloved series of games known as either Earthbound or Mother (depending on were you live).


Originally, I used the name Mr. Cat when registering at web sites which required a user name.  But some years ago, I began running into registration-error messages insisting Mr. Cat was already in use ââ,¬â€ although I've yet to encounter another Mr. Cat on the web.

So I changed it to MisterCat and haven't again encountered such messages.  Anyway, back in the day there was a neighborhood cat who lived entirely out of doors and used to come visit on a daily basis; and I took to calling him Mr. Cat due to the aura of authority he radiated.

He was, in effect, Mayor of the Feline Neighborhood:  I'd occasionally see him enforcing feline laws, always to the detriment of the offending cat or cats.  On the day we moved into that neighborhood, he conducted an inspection of our premises and ââ,¬â€ having been satisfied ââ,¬â€ walked out as mysteriously and purposefully as he'd walked in.

Thereafter, he'd stop by once every day and submit to a brief petting audience; but he never saw the need to enter our home after that first inspection.  The day we moved away, he came up to me and rubbed against my leg (a sign of affection he'd not granted me before) and meowed (the only time he ever spoke to me) then went away:  It was his way of saying good-bye.

So, since I keep cats and have fond memories of my old friend from that earlier neighborhood, I chose to honor his memory by taking his (undoubtedly unofficial) name with me onto the inter-net.  All that was years ago; and although I'm not sure which of his nine lives he was living when we were neighbors, I hope it wasn't his last.