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Character information
Common name VxWorks-tan
Also known as n/a
First appearance Dec 2007
Technical information
System personified VxWorks
Developer(s) Wind River Systems
Debut 1985
Latest release VxWorks 6.6 (Dec 2007)

Technical details

VxWorks is a real-time OS designed for embedded systems and supports several architectures, can run on any modern CPU in the embedded market and is used in several products, most notably in spacecraft.

Character details

VXWorks-tan is represented as a woman with short blue hair, green eyes, wears a futuristic visor with a headset and wears either a streamlined military suit or a spacesuit. She is self-confident, compassionate, professional, adventurous and eccentric. While she may come off as courteous and well-mannered, she has difficulty understanding that not everyone shares her same passion for adventure and discovery (and vice versa when it comes to mainstream matters).

She is an independent OS-tan who lives as a vigilante and space ranger and loves adventure- the more extreme the better to her! While she does enjoy out-of-pocket explorations and will protect people in need spontaneously, she often works for hire to act as bodyguard and guide to exploration crews, for the most part. The more interesting the mission (and the greater the chance for her to acquire data, which is her passion), the less she charges. For example: Have her escort you to Mars would likely cost you a ceremonial $1 -- ask her to do your dishes, on the other hand, could cost you up to $100.

Her weapon of choice is an huge railgun that she built on her own, that can fire metal projectiles silently yet at extreme speeds.

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