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Character information
Common name Selectic
Also known as Selectric I, II, III
Human name(s) Samuel Almächtig
First appearance 2010
Hair color Dark gray
Eye color Usually gray, periodically changes
Weapon(s) N/A
Faction Unknown
Lineage IBM hardware
Technical information
System personified Selectric typewriter and its derivatives
Developer(s) IBM
Debut July 31, 1961
Latest release Circa 1983

Technical Details

The Selectric line of typewriters was introduced by IBM in 1961. They are notable for being one of the most popular lines of typewriter ever made, having a high level of mechanical complexity, innovative features such as changeable typefaces, quick typing speed and quiet operation. Because of the unique analog-to-digital system used to register keystrokes, Selectrics could be somewhat easily modified into computer terminals - they formed the basis for many popular mainframe terminals, including the terminals used on the IBM System/360, 7090, and other large systems like the Honeywell 6000 series. The world's first word processing system, the MT/ST, was a modified Selectric with a magnetic storage system attached.

IBM retired the Selectric line when the Wheelwriter typewriter was introduced in 1984. However, Selectrics continue to be in high demand, especially among businesses, collectors and writers.

Character details

Selectric-kun personifies all Selectric typewriter models, as well as Selectric-based computer terminals and the MT/ST word processing system. He is depicted as an overweight man of average height, with short dark gray hair and gray eyes - though his eye color changes periodically, usually to blue or red. He generally wears a gray three-piece suit, but he is known to have a large wardrobe and occasionally dons outfits in flamboyant, 1960s-retro colors (referencing some of the strange case colors used on the Selectric). He was originally described as balding, having a mustache and wearing a porkpie hat, though these features have sometimes been omitted in drawn and written depictions.

Selectric-kun's personality is genial, lively and knowledgable. He is at-ease around people and computers of all classes, cultures and backgrounds, and attributes his egalitarianism to being brought up around a wide range of computers and people.

He holds several occupations within the IBM family - including business manager, accountant, clerical worker and salesman - as well as covert operative, due to his wide range of contacts and ability to access places other IBM-tans cannot. Because of this, he is a highly valued member of the IBM family. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, typography and fonts and juggling, and seems to have a fondness for humor.

History and background