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Character information
Common name NeXTSTEP
First appearance 2006
Height 175 cm (5'9")
Hair color black with multicolor highlights
Eye color green
Weapon(s) pistols, tanks
Faction CIOST, also an ally to the House of Mac.
Lineage Unix, BSD branch.
Rival(s) ?
Technical information
System personified NeXTSTEP and NeXT hardware
Developer(s) NeXT Inc.
Debut late 1988
Latest release 1995

Technical details

NeXTSTEP and its hardware were developed by NeXT, the company founded by Steve Jobs when he left Apple, and was bought out by Apple in 1996, leading to his return. The hardware is a distinctive cube-shaped, and its OS is based off of BSD Unix and would became the basis of Mac OSX.

NeXT computers sold poorly but has some claims to fame aside from leading to the creation of Mac OSX; it is the platform DOOM was developed on, and the World Wide Web was created on.

Character details

History and background