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{| class=infobox bordered align = right style=width: 25em; text-align: left; font-size: 95%;
#REDIRECT [[Windows NT]]
|+ style=font-size: larger; | '''Windows NT-tan'''
| colspan=2 style=text-align:center; | [[Image:wNT.jpg|NT-tan]][[Image:INU-tan.gif|Inu-tan]]
! Also Known As:
| Inu-T, Windows New Technology
! Original Creator:
| Unknown
! First appearance:
| Unknown
! OS Personified:
| Windows NT Workstation and Server 3.0-4.0
! OS Developer:
| Microsoft
! First Released:
| 27 July 1993
! Latest Stable Release:
| v. 4.0 29 July 1996
There are two mainstream personifications of  '''Windows NT'''. The first such, NT-tan, usually has the purple hair and the pink dress seen here, but her age can range from child to adult. Sometimes she is also portrayed as the mother of 2K-tan. Another version, Windows NT Workstation, also exists and has recently been more common than the original NT-tan, at least on the Futaba image boards. NT has the romaji representation of enu ti—this sounds a lot like inu ti, and inu is the Japanese word for dog. Inu-T has blue hair, dog ears, a dog's tail and a collar. She usually wears gloves and boots shaped like paws, and colored blue to match her ears and tail. Yet another NT-tan, Windows NT SP6, was designed by the dōjinshi group [[Dispute between Futaba Society and Déjà vu|Deja vu]], but it was considered a bootleg design by Futaba society and not an official OS-Tan.
See also:
*[[List of OS-tans]]

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