Macintosh System 2

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Macintosh System 2-tan
Character information
Common name Mac OS2-tan
Also known as System 2
First appearance Oct. 2006
Height 127 cm (4'2")
Hair color black
Eye color silver
Faction House of Mac
Lineage Classic Mac
Technical information
System personified Macintosh System 2
Developer(s) Apple Inc.
Debut April 1985
Latest release v2.0

Technical details

Macintosh System 2 has some speed and stability improvements over System 1.x, and introduced two very important commands to the Mac OS: Shut Down (the command in the system was safer than turning off the power switch on the computer itself), and New Folder (easier way to create new folders). While it still can't multitask, a feature called Minifinder was introduced to make switching from one program to another quicker.

Some sources say that the last version of System 2 was 2.1, but others say that 2.0 was the only release, making it possible that this OS never had any updated releases.

Character details

Macintosh System 2-tan looks a lot like System 1-tan but has two straight side ponytails on the left, wears a sash over her dress,

System 2-tan is observant, witty, and intelligent; also more calm and stable as a main difference from her predecessor due to increased stability. She carries a Newspeak-to-Oldspeak dictionary with her and carries a duck puppet (as sort of a visual pun on Duckspeak) and is fluent in Newspeak, Oldspeak and Duckspeak. She likes to give lectures and rant about things, and can do so for a long time! She uses her duck puppet to try and keep things interesting, and prevent attendants from falling asleep. She gets along best with Apple II-tan, Macintosh System 1-tan, Macintosh OSX Panther-tan and Mac OS X Leopard-tan.

Although highly intelligent, she is very misunderstood and is often ignored by just about everybody, and few believe what she says- even if it is good advice. This reflects how Macintosh System 2 is one of the most obscure and least used Mac OSes, supported only on the first two Macintosh models (the 128k and 512k) which could easily upgraded to System 3. These same two Macs also support System 1 which may actually be used less than System 2 but has a legacy for being the first and having a history. She hates feeling ignored, and swears that someday she'll have the last laugh.

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