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Windows ME-kun
Character information
Common name Windows ME-kun
Also known as Windows ME, Emuii-kun, Nobuchi
First appearance Unknown
Height *none listed officially
Hair color green
Eye color green
Faction Windows Family
Lineage DOS/Win9x
Technical information
System personified Windows ME
Developer(s) Microsoft
Debut 14 Sep 2000
Latest release 4.9 (Build 3000) September 14, 2000

Technical Details

ME was intended as the successor to Windows 98, aimed at Home Users. It was the last of the DOS lineage and featured newer software, including the new addition, Windows Movie Maker. Despite the best intentions with ME, it was largely outshined by its predecessor, Windows 2000, due to a large amount of bugs and glitches, causing instability and frequent crashes, as well as sharing several features with 2000 anyway. Despite this, it remains an important part of the Windows line, as it marked the last of the DOS-based OSes (despite having limited DOS capabilities in comparison to its predecessors; this was to speed up boot time), introduced the Picture Previewer, System Restore, a new Help System, greater accessibility for disabled users, and Universal Plug and Play. Despite being discontinued roughly a year after its release, many people still favour ME for some legacy applications, since there are things that only ME can do.

Character Details

ME-kun is a mischievous schoolboy around 12-14 years of age. Despite his youth, he is more mature than some of his older brothers or sisters, often being helpful, calm, and rational. He mostly is seen doing academic pursuits or hanging around with Homeo or sometimes Kyourou, 2k-kun, XP-kun and ME-tan. Occasionally he plays pranks, but mostly just goes about his business, sometimes making life hard for 2k-kun (not often).[1] It is not known where he goes to school, though it has been suggested it is a local college (given his age, this might suggest that he exhibits some of the better qualities ME had to offer). ME-kun is very protective of his sister, sometimes going so far as to save her from herself, or to get in the way of her and Kyourou-kun's relationship under the guise of being an overprotective brother. He watches over her closely, sometimes even more closely than 2k-tan.


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