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|tanname= Institute for Advanced Study Machine
|image= IASavi.png
|image= IASavi.png
|imgsize= 100x100px
|cname= IAS Machine
|cname= IAS Machine

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IAS Machine
Character information
Common name IAS Machine
Also known as Institute for Advanced Study Machine
First appearance Jan 28, 2010
Height 5' range
Hair color Silver
Eye color Grey
Weapon(s) n/a
Faction Mainframe Guild
Lineage IAS Machine/Von Neumann Architecture
Rival(s) Manchester Small-Scale Experimental Machine
Technical information
System personified IAS Machine
Developer(s) Institute for Advanced Study, John Von Neumann
Debut Circa 1952
Latest release n/a

Technical Details

Built over a period of 6 years (1945 - 1951), the IAS Machine was an early electronic computer and the originator of the widely-implemented Von Neumann Architecture.

Character Details

Physically, IAS Machine-tan is slightly overweight, silver-haired and golden-eyed. She's described as imposing despite being average in height, and having a fondness for conservative business-wear.

A prolific scientist and mathematician, IAS worked on a variety of scientific projects - including ones involving nuclear and hydrogen bombs - and managed to be largely successful despite having no sense of internal timekeeping and trouble keeping up with her assignments. A confident and jovial woman, she's known to have a great love of food and drink, notoriously dirty sense of humor (manifested through a fondness for telling bawdy limericks and jokes) and enjoyment of playing games and practical jokes - a favorite of hers being mimicking "regular" human beings in her daily life. In spite of such fanciful pursuits, she remains rather politically-conservative and "straight-laced" compared to her peers and children.


IAS-tan is the genetic mother of every IAS Machine/Von Neumann Machine to come. Her disparate family encompasses over a dozen direct descendants from all corners of the world:

   AVIDAC (Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois, USA)
   BESK (Stockholm, Sweden)
   BESM (Moscow, Russia)
   CYCLONE (Iowa State University, USA)
   GEORGE (Argonne National Laboratory)
   ILLIAC (University of Illinois, USA)
   MANIAC (Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico, USA)
   MISTIC (Michigan State University)
   MUSASINO (Musashino, Tokyo, Japan)
   ORACLE (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee, USA)
   ORDVAC (Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, USA)
   SARA (SAAB, Sweden)
   SILLIAC (University of Sydney, Australia)
   SMIL (Lund University, Sweden)
   WEIZAC (Weizmann Institute, Israel)

A proud mother, she maintains a good rapport with most of her children, the only exception being the Soviet BESM.